Without jailbreak download YouTube videos to iPhone or iPad

Download YouTube videos to your iPhone and iPad without a jailbreak.

I’ve been searching for how to download YouTube videos to iPhone without jailbreak and finally found it which I’m going to share with my readers. This iPhone trick works on the iPad too and is completely free. This YouTube videos downloading tips consists of several steps.

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It is not a very fast method, but it works perfectly. In several situations, you need to download a YouTube video to watch it offline. When you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, data coverage, on a trip or simply because you want to play videos several times but do not want to spend more data, you can now save it to your device.

How to download videos from YouTube on iPhone and iPad with iOS 10

To download videos from YouTube, firstly you need to install the Readdle Documents 6 application (a company that is doing very interesting things) to your iPhone or iPad. This is a file management app for iOS which allows you browse system folders to the MacOS Finder. Best this is that it is a completely free app for what we need to do.

Instruction to download YouTube videos on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak for free

The app size is more than 100MB (Mega Byte), so if you have limited data would be best to download it from a Wi-Fi network. Maybe it’s time to consider one of these unlimited data rates for your iPhone, but that’s best left for another day. It is an app that has lots of uses and today we will use to download videos from YouTube.

first 3 steps to download youtube videos without iphone jailbreak

To do this, open the app and skip the tutorial. An image will appear on the upper left corner, where in his lower right corner you will see a symbol of Safari. Click on it and you will access the built-in browser app. In the address bar, type the URL “keepvid.com” without the double quotes and press “Go” button. The page that appears similar to the right image will be loaded.


Possibly, other websites similar like “keepvid.com” may also work, but we haven’t tried them. But this one sure 100% works.

second 3 steps wihout jailbreak youtube video download to ipad or iphone

Now, close Documents 6 and then go to Safari browser where we need to visit YouTube. Look for the video you want to download your iOS device and copy the URL. You can copy the video URL simply by holding your finger on the address bar until the “Copy” option appears. Whenever you copied the URL, return to Documents 6 to paste it into the “box” and finally click the “Download” button.

last 3 steps download youtube videos to iPhone or iPad without jailbreak

Wait for the browser to display the download options and select the one you like. Small reminder:

Logically, the higher the video resolution, the more space it will consume on the iPhone or iPad memory. To choose video quality, a pop-up menu will be displayed from which you can select video resolution, rename video file and choose saving location within Documents 6.

Click the Save button and wait until the video downloaded to your iPhone or iPad memory. Now, you are away from one final step only.

How to move just downloaded Documents 6 video to the iOS 10 Photo Reel

You have already downloaded particular YouTube video on your iPhone or iPad; Now, you need to make it available throughout your device. Because, at this moment, the video file is within the options offered by Documents 6 app. However, it’s enough to keep your videos within this app, as you can view those videos downloaded from YouTube within the same documents 6 app.

move just downloaded Documents 6 video to the iOS 10 Photo Reel

If you want to edit it, send it by email or message or simply save it to your photo reel, this is what you have to do. In Documents 6, go to the Downloads folder to find out the video you just downloaded.

Though the video saved in Documents 6, you can move it to the Reel or send it via message or email afterward.

Tap on the three dots (…) next to the file and select the “Move” option. Then you will see different options for moving the video file. Select Documents> All Photos and hit the blue button on the bottom.

How to move downloaded video to the iOS 10 Photo Reel

From now on, the files will no longer be in the Documents 6 “Downloads” folder, instead will appear on your Photo Reel on your iOS device. And that’s it! Finally, you’ll have the YouTube video downloaded on your iPhone to view it whenever you want, without having to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

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