Where to get GIFs for WhatsApp: The Ultimate Guide

Top websites to find the best GIFs that express your emotions perfectly on WhatsApp.

Let’s find, where to download GIFs for free to use on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp GIFs Recap

Isn’t typing text to express certain feelings and thoughts difficult? Yes, of course!

Occasionally, we chose to suppress our feelings considering what to write and how to write to express our emotions.

That’s put forward the demand for something like emoticons.

Where you just need to select and press the emoticons icon to express your feeling and thoughts. Although, it has limitations too.

Read the history of emoticons.

Written By “Nadia Elena”

In the beginning, WhatsApp allowed you to express certain feelings or postures through emoticons.

Because of emoticons limitation, WhatsApp later introduces stickers that are actually static images. Sticker’s static nature is its limitations!

How to convert a photo into WhatsApp sticker

Written By “Nadia Elena”

Finally, GIFs overcome the limitation of emoticons and stickers.

Something that seeks the same purpose but thanks to its motion.

The dynamic nature of GIFs makes emoticons and stickers fall behind as GIFs are much more effective when it comes to expressing what we want.

Therefore, we must know the top websites where we can download GIFs for WhatsApp.

“Reason to Read”

Something that we are going to tell you at this very moment.

Top 6 websites to download GIFs for WhatsApp:

WhatsApp uses GIFs from the GIPHY platform, which is already a large image library.

They have integrated some of the files on this website so that we can use them quickly without having to leave the app.

Among the enormous collection of websites, MSNTECHBLOG listed below Top 6 websites to download GIFs for WhatsApp :

  1. GIPHY
  2. Google Images Search
  3. Tenor
  4. Gifss (Spanish)
  5. GIFBin

We can also download GIFs files from the websites and send those to friends and family that we have downloaded from those websites.


GIPHY is the same platform that provides GIFs to WhatsApp.

It came with a fabulous website where there are enormous .gif files ready for you to download and start sending to your contacts.


Features of GIPHY:

  • Biggest platform of GIFs
  • Organized by categories
  • Easy to find Trending GIFs
  • Powerful search engine
  • Editor facilites to create new GIFs
  • Android and iOS Application

Such an enrich website with a wide range of categories in which you will find practically all the GIFs you want instantly.

In addition to having GIFs organized by categories, something that helps a lot, a powerful search engine where nothing can escape you.

But GIPHY does not only constrain those facilities but also allows you to create your own animated .gif files by using YouTube or Vimeo videos.

Therefore, you can create a lot more fresh and new customized animated images using those resources.

Another good feature of GIPHY is that, in addition to having the web version, they have also made available a mobile version.

You can use it on any Android and iOS smartphone, in case, you do not want to use the web version.

If you register in GIPHY, all your movements will be preserved in memory.

It will save those GIFs that you have already used, newly created, and even those that are our favorites.

Google Images


Wherever you search for something, Google is most certainly there with no exception to GIF! You can cleverly use Google Image Search to find GIF animated files scattered around the web.

How to Google GIF files?

You need to follow few steps to find out GIF files using Google Image Search.

The only thing you have to do is select “Images“, click on “Animated” Tools and within Type, you choose “Animated GIF“.

Next, you write what you want to search for and press enter or click on the search icon.

Within few moments, you will have a lot of results at your disposal, ready to download.

To download them you must perform the same task as at the time we save photos on your computer.

That is, right-click on the target image and then, select the Save Image As” option. 

More importantly, save the file in “.GIF” format.

In case, you do not find the save image button, use the view image browser extension to make the button visible again.

Now, You can directly use those saved GIFs for WhatsApp or any other social media platform.

This is an exceptional way to find a good number of GIFs of exactly what we are looking for.


Tenor comes with a website where you will find different GIFs for different themes.

It is supported by a lot of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and, of course, by WhatsApp.

TENOR GIFS for WhatsApp

Features of Tenor:

  • Second biggest GIFs platform
  • Supported by all popular social media platform
  • Categorized GIF
  • Powerfull search engine
  • Uploading service.
  • GIF Keyboard (Android, iPhone, Mac)

Additionally, GIFs are grouped by different categories for easier finding.

Similar to GIPHY, Tenor also has a quick search engine, which allows you to find everything that you write in very easily.

You will always find a GIF available for whatever you want, as strange as it may seem to you.

Tenor has a section on Trending GIFs to keep up with recent trends and mostly used recent GIFs.

Additionally, the Trending Tenor Searches section shares the GIFs which are mostly searched by Tenor users.

The most unique feature of Tenor is the GIF Keyboard to easily find out desired GIFs and swiftly send them without visiting the website.

Tenor GIF Keyboard is available for both smartphones (Android, iPhone) platforms and Macbook.

Therefore, you can find mostly used animated GIFs directly and can download or send some by WhatsApp.

Gifss (Spanish Site)

More interestingly, I have listed here on the Spanish GIF site Gifss due to its versatile features unique from other platforms.

One of the best features of Gifss is the number of categories it offers us.


It has been grouped up into the following categories:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Animals
  • Babies
  • Comics
  • Sports
  • Disney
  • Space
  • Flowers
  • Home
  • Computer Science
  • Plants
  • Terror, or
  • Video Games, among many other options.

The design of Gifss website is not too modern with which we are familiar nowadays.

Frankly, their website may remind you of another era.

But truly, it contains a lot of GIFs for WhatsApp, where you can choose the one you like the most.

Uniquely, a forum is available where you can talk to different users who are passionate about this same type of animated image. 

The design of the web is somewhat chaotic, you can use the News part, to see the latest that they have incorporated into their catalog.


Particularly, On GIFBIN website, you will find GIFs of other users who share their creations, just as you can also upload yours.

Above all, you can find original animated images, without being the ones that everyone has.

GIFBIN GIFS for WhatsApp

GifBin’s website design isn’t spectacular, but enough to has everything at hand.

You will have at your disposal a very efficient search engine.

Additionally, you will also be able to search for the GIFs that interest you through tags, a way to categorize the files.

You will have the most used tags as “TOP“, as “GIF of the DAY” which will update frequently based on popularity.

Each time you see some files, you will see a section where it indicates other users that are similar to the one you are seeing.


A modern website with nice looking UI provided by Gfycat as compared to other platforms you have seen before.

As well as the distribution is also very well achieved with sections such as

  • Trends
  • Popular
  • Explore.
GFYCAT GIFS for WhatsApp

You have an extremely effective search engine in which you can find everything you are looking for.

A tremendous wide range of categories is also set up to specifically find your desired GIF.

Moreover, you can find not only animated images but also memes or short videos.

In Gfycat, you can also use GIFs that have been created by other users, to be able to incorporate into their database those that are your creation and that you want to share.

It’s an ideal way to have original fresh GIFs that are different from what you usually see.

With all these websites you will get to have all the GIFs you want to be able to send by WhatsApp and any social media or other in which you can also use this type of animated files.

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