Where is the WhatsApp Status stored?

Do you know every time you send or receive a new WhatsApp status, it is saved in our phone memory and consume storage space? This guide shows you the location and route to find out where is the WhatsApp status stored on our beloved Android smartphone. Let’s find it and make choice whether to delete or retrieve!

The WhatsApp Status is increasingly popular, despite the initial criticisms they raised. When you see the status of your contacts they are saved on your phone, but do you really know where the WhatsApp Status is stored? 

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Although initially generated more negative than positive criticism since it meant the elimination of the traditional text status of WhatsApp, WhatsApp retreated soon after leaving the two functionalities active.

In fact, we met a few months ago that millions of people use the WhatsApp Status every day, both to upload images or YouTube videos, emojis, hologram, stickers, and new text, which has also included Instagram recently in Instagram Stories.

WhatsApp status storage location

It is important to know the route of the Status of WhatsApp because that is where you can access them to download them to your computer or mobile if you want to see them once they disappear, hence we told you at the time how to backup the WhatsApp Status of your contacts.

Every time you see a status of one of your friends, it will be saved on your Android phone in a folder called “.statuses”, inside a well-known folder where WhatsApp audios, photos, etc. are also saved.

WhatsApp Good Morning Status

Do not find .statues folder within WhatsApp media folder?

You should notice the dot “.” symbol in front of the folder name “.statuses“. By default, this dot symbol used to hide any kind of files and folder in Android system. Thus, if you do not change file hide setting on your Android phone, you’ll not see it.  Follow below steps to see a hidden folder on an Android phone:

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  1. Access Android phone file manager apps.
  2. Click on three verticle dots names as More.
  3. You’ll find Settings option. Click on it.
  4. Finally, slide the toggle button beside both Show hidden files and Show hidden media files option.

Show hidden files and folders on Android

That’s all! Now you will find the .statues folder and other hidden folder stored in your phone memory.

Note: To hide those folders again, repeat the same process again except turn off the toggle button by pressing on them.

WhatsApp Status Route

The complete path where the WhatsApp Status is stored is as follows:


Something you should know is that the files that you will find in that folder are automatically deleted once the 24 hours pass, so it would be interesting to remove them from there if you want to continue seeing them.

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Another thing, the status that is stored here are in image format and with strange names, so you will not know to whom each of them belongs unless you remember and you change the name.

You already know where the Status of WhatsApp is stored, a route that you will have to access with a file manager like ESExplorer or similar or by connecting your phone to the computer via USB cable.

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