WhatsApp Payments will allow transfers from the App

Do you know what is WhatsApp payment and what can we do with it? At the moment WhatsApp payment is an experimental phase in India but it will certainly give a lot to talk about. Discover what’s new on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications used by users today, and it is that more than a billion active users use this instant messaging service to exchange messages and files such as photos or videos.

Aware of the great potential of their application from WhatsApp decided to channel these features and apply it to the business world with WhatsApp Business; which can be downloaded officially on the Google download platform, Play Store:

WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business
Developer: WhatsApp LLC
Price: Free

Now, from WhatsApp, they are working on a payment service between users who are already experimenting experimentally in India called WhatsApp Payments. Do you want to know more?

WhatsApp Payments will allow payment between users through the App


As reported from WABbetainfo in their official Twitter account, WhatsApp Payments already works experimentally in Asian countries, but they are only a small group of people who can make use of it.

This function will be available for Android and iOS users and although there is still not much information about this subject, it seems that after accepting the terms and conditions within the application, we must enter our phone number and bank preference before being able to Start using WhatsApp Payments with other contacts. It is also not clear if this service will only work to exchange money only between users or if it will also allow us to use it to pay in establishments.

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WhatsApp follows the steps of Facebook


WhatsApp follows in the footsteps of another giant such as Facebook, which already incorporated the payment service in November of last year, which allows its users to request, send or receive money through Facebook Messenger chats.

This does not seem strange to us since WhatsApp bought by Facebook in 2016 for more than 22,000 million dollars, and knowing the potential of WhatsApp it seems a good idea to incorporate this action. For the moment we will see the evolution of this new functionality and how it begins to incorporate into other countries and officially.

And to you, do you think it is wise to incorporate a payment system in WhatsApp?

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