WhatsApp has news in emojis and verified accounts

Learn about what’s new in latest update of WhatsApp. Assumption is to add latest Emojis and verified account similar like Facebook and Instagram and more.

Users who use WhatsApp with a smartphone with the Android operating system should know that an update has been released that includes some new ones that are interested. These range from the emoji section itself to advances in the most professional version in which you work in the company that is currently owned by Facebook. We tell you what has arrived at the messaging application.

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What features WhatsApp latest update will provide us?

The first thing we will discuss is that the update includes new WhatsApp Business, a new service that is very close to being a reality and that is one of the ways with which it is intended to monetize the messaging application from the company Mark Zuckerberg. The new WhatsApp update change is aesthetic, and it affects how the accounts for the company that has been verified are seen.

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The case is that now the icon that shows that an account that has been verified by WhatsApp is being viewed as something different, keeping the usual green color. Thus, the way in which we see this seems to us to be much more intuitive and identifiable, for what we think is a success. Anyway, and we will see if this design is maintained when the Business version of the application is a reality in the market.

Changes in the hearts of WhatsApp

The truth is that there is also a change in emoji, content that is the most used in WhatsApp. And, one of the affected ones is the one that represents a heart, that now when it is sent alone at the end it is seen with a giant size (and, also, with the animation of the beats).

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That is, it reaches Android what in iOS already existed for a while. Besides, with the new version of the development, the text descriptions that arrive in the images that are shared will be possible to copy them in a habitual way to give it the use that is wanted.

Heart on WhatsApp

These new options are not available in WhatsApp for Android, the most important ones we have seen in an update, but they are interesting and they contribute . Especially the one that has to do with the Business version of the development owned by Facebook, since it shows that the final touches are being made to be a definitive novelty for everyone in the market.

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