WhatsApp already lets you listen to voice notes before sending them

Would you like to listen the voice notes that you record on WhatsApp before sending them? With WhatsApp new update, it is already possible! Discover how to do it.

Popular messaging app WhatsApp starts the year with new changes which it usually does. WhatsApp continually introduces with new features that provide users with improvements and facilities at the time of use.

Among its latest news most commented and used by users, we find the possibility to delete a message after they were sent. This caused a stir among the users since it was a feature that everyone expected.

In this case, the turn is for the voice notes. Undoubtedly a very used WhatsApp functionality. How many times have we recorded an WhatsApp voice note so we do not have to write everything we want to say to our contact?

How to listen to WhatsApp voice notes without anyone knowing?

But how many times have we heard this voice note after it was sent? Surely most of the time. That is why from now on we will be able to listen to voice notes before they are sent.

You can already listen to voice notes on WhatsApp before being sent

The new update for WhatsApp in iOS 2.18.10 has implemented improvements to be able to listen to the voice notes before being sent. Recall that a few weeks ago the App allowed to send audios without having to press the microphone button.

In this case, what this new update allows is that we give the play button in the audios before they are sent to our contact.

Whenever you record a WhatsApp voice notes, you will have 3 options to chose:

  1. Send
  2. Listen or
  3. Delete

This way we will be able to decide if we want to send them or, listen, delete it and start over

How to download WhatsApp voice notes on android phone?

How to listen to voice notes on WhatsApp before they are sent?

From this new update, we will be able to listen to the voice messages before sending them to the chat of the selected contact in the event that different situations occur such as:

  • Receive a WhatsApp or system call
  • Listen to a voice message while we are recording
  • Close WhatsApp
  • Low battery of our phone
  • See an image or video

Before sending listen WhatsApp Voice notes

In these cases, the message will be stopped and saved and we will see that different options appear such as the possibility of listening to it, deleting it or sending it. In this way, the App saves our voice message and we will not lose it as it used to.

Currently, we can only find it available on iOS, but probably will arrive in a few days for Android devices and Windows Phone.

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