What is Dubsmash and how to use Dubsmash?

Learn all about Dubsmash social media.

It seemed like we were a little stuck on what image apps are all about. After Instagram and Vine, what was left to be invented? Of course, there were always attempts to come up with the formula of our new obsession, but no one seemed to succeed … until now. So what is Dubsmash,  it is a new app that mixes several elements to create fun videos that you can send to your friends. And it’s coming up like foam. In the following article from Msntechblog, we tell you about Dubsmash and how to use it.

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What is Dubsmash?
How to use Dubsmash?
Choose audio for Dubsmash
Record Dubsmash video
Share Dubsmash videos

What is Dubsmash?

Dubsmash is a hybrid app that combines several elements of success: short videos, selfies, montages and funny sounds. The key is precisely the last part, that of sound: users can add the audio of well-known famous phrases or well-known songs and make video playback. Are you interested about it, continue reading to find out how to use Dubsmash?

How to use Dubsmash?

Using Dubsmash is pretty straightforward. You need to download Dubsmash apps on Android or iPhone smartphone. Then you need to create a Dubsmash account for free. And a remaining guide to using the Dubsmash app on Android or iPhone is discussed below:

The first step is to choose the Dubsmash audio clips you want to accompany your little video. Dubsmash has a lot of options: movies or series phrases, ultra-famous song cuts, famous phrases … Since users can upload their own audio clips, the catalog grows at a high speed and there are many options in Spanish as well. And if what you are looking for is not … get it on!

select dubsmash sound clip

Now, you have to make Dubsmash video. After selecting the sound clip, the camera on your smartphone will be activated automatically. Give it to record and make your selfie video considering the sound you are going to have in the background. The most common thing is to directly do playback, but you can also simply limit yourself to dancing, putting faces or whatever you can think of.

record dubsmash video

What good is it to do these fun videos if you can not share them with your friends? The third step of Dubsmash is precisely this: share your creation with the friends you choose or directly on social networks. You can share Dubsmash videos by WhatsApp, by SMS, by Facebook Messenger, or just save it to your smartphone gallery.

share dubsmash videos

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