How to watch YouTube videos on Amazon Fire TV?

In the end, it has been fulfilled. It is January 2018 and between Amazon and Google, things are not good. Google said it would cut off access to YouTube on Amazon devices on January 1 and it has been fulfilled. For this reason, you’re searching for alternative way to watch YouTube videos on Amazon Fire TV. Read and get it!

The company’s Amazon Echo Show and Fire TV can no longer play YouTube videos in the official app of the devices but there is a very simple solution. Google has said that it would not support that application and has fulfilled it as expected. Google has commented that it was trying to reach an agreement for consumers to access their services but it seems that has not yet arrived that day.

Watch YouTube on amazon fire TV

How can you watch YouTube videos on Amazon Fire TV?

If you try to access the YouTube application on the Echo Show and Fire TV you will see a standard web view of and you can visit the web. Google did not like to make this decision but has had to do it for reasons that we clarify below.

You will not be able to play YouTube videos in the application but you can do it through browsers such as Silk or Firefox. Open and that’s it.

It is true that it is uncomfortable but meanwhile, at least, you will avoid having to buy another device to watch YouTube videos. This way you can continue watching YouTube videos even from the web interface and not from a simple and convenient application.

How to keep play YouTube in background-Android phone

Why has Google blocked your application on Amazon devices?

Amazon does not want to sell products in its stores like Google Chromecast or Google Home. In addition to this, Amazon does not let Amazon Prime Video be available on Google Cast.

If we add topics, we must also mention that Amazon has stopped selling certain Nest products a few weeks ago. This means that Amazon does not want to give Google profits and Google does not have to allow the company to use its services if they are the ones who have started this war.

It is possible that both companies reach an agreement soon. Amazon has re-sold the Chromecast on its platform and also the Apple TV only that Apple has no services to block on their devices.

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