View Image, an extension of Google Chrome that returns the “View image” button

Can’t find view image button while searching image on Google search? Yes, Google removed this button to protect image copyright issues. This guide shows a method to return View Image button in image search similar to before.

Recently Google has given an official announcement in which it would have removed the “View Image” button in its search engine, an indispensable button for many users when browsing the Internet to search for images. Thanks to the extensions of web browsers, this useful button has returned as if nothing had happened.

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How to return View Image button in Google Image Search?

Recovering view image button during google image search is the easiest process. You just need to download an extension for your Google Chrome or Firefox Browser and view button will automatically add to the search page. Let’s do it!

Download View Image extension

This extension for  Google Chrome was made by the programmer  Joshua B, which is known as  View Image and whose main function is to bring back this button to our browser something that really is not important because its function is what matters.

This extension is also available for Mozilla Firefox in the form of a plugin.

For Google Chrome:

View Image
View Image
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

For Mozilla Firefox:

View Image
View Image
Developer: Joshua B
Price: Free

As for Opera or Microsoft Edge, the extension is not yet available but it is possible that in coming days land on these browsers or do some other plugin that meets the same function.

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How to install browser extension?

  • You need to click on the mentioned link corresponding your browser to visit the extension page. Within the plugin page, click on the “Add to Chrome” or “Add to Firefox” button.
  • A pop-up window will appear where you need to click on Add Extension button to start downloading the extension.
  • The extension will automatically install within your browser. Once the installation completed, it will send a notification to your browser extension bar that the extension successfully installed.

That’s all! Now you will find the view image button seems like Google doesn’t remove it.

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