How to use Peach social network on Android or iPhone

Another social networking option is on the market, and each day that passes is conquering more users. It is called Peach social network and has been developed by the creator of Vine, Dom Hofmann (who created Vine?). Peach new media is a social network that combines the functionality of other existing ones, for example, it is possible to publish thoughts or brief opinions as done on Twitter, but at the same time you can share with your friend’s photos, videos, peach GIFs, peach emoji, your location, recommend a movie, among other alternatives.

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Peach is currently available to both Android and iOS users by downloading its app, its features promise to compete in the near future with Facebook. If you are curious and want to know how to use Peach social network on Android or iPhone read on because in we reveal it to you.

Instructions to use Peach social network:

Download and install Peach social network

As we mentioned at the outset, the Peach social network is available to both iOS and Android users, the process of using this media app on both platform is same. Thus, we will only discuss how to use it for iOS. Therefore, the first thing to do to start is to look for Peach app in the App Store.

For Android users, search it in Play store or click this link and install it.

Peach social network overview

Create Peach account

Once the app installation is complete, open the application on your mobile to create your Peach account. Click the “Sign in” button and then type the username you want to use in this social network, your email, and the chosen password. In case the username is already in use, you must choose a different one.

Click on “Continue” and write your full name on the line where you read “What’s your full name?” Add a profile photo by pressing the “+” icon, once you have done it you can click “Done“.

Customize Peach social media notifications

A prompt will appear asking if you want to receive notifications from this app when someone reacts to your posts, accepts your friendship invitation or when there are other types of interactions.

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Click “Allow” to allow it or “Do not allow” if you do not want to receive any kind of Peach notification in your email.

Add friends to your Peach account

Now that you have your account in Peach, it’s time to add to your friends, because without them this social network does not make any sense. To do so click on the arrow in the upper left corner of your screen, then select “Add Friend” and enter your friend’s username or phone number to find it more quickly.

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In case you want to add a friend that does not have this app, just click on the “Tell a friend” option. Then write your contact number and you will receive a notification to join Peach.

How to create peach account

Publish post on Peach social network

To post to Peach simply click on the bottom of the screen, where it says “Write something“, type what you want and then press “Post“. If you want to add an image to your publication you just have to press the camera icon and upload the image.

On the main screen of this app, you will find a heart icon in the upper right corner; by clicking it you will see the recent activity. Next to it will be a nut icon, where you can access the account settings.

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Difference between Peach and Facebook

There is no doubt that Peach is quite similar to Facebook, however, it has some nice options that distinguish it from other social networks. They are commands that when writing them activate various functionalities, known as “magic words“. For example, when you type the word “here” your location is automatically added so that you can share it.

List of magic words in Peach

A short list of other alternatives peach magic words are:

  • Shout: to write in capital letters.
  • Draw: to create Peach drawing.
  • Gif: to add a GIF on Peach.
  • Song: to identify a song that is playing at the moment and share it.
  • Weather: add the temperature you are doing at the moment.
  • Date or time: allows you to add the date and time respectively.
  • Throwback: to add a photo of your album with the date and time it was taken.
  • Good morning: to tell your contacts good day.
  • Goodnight: to say good night.
  • Battery: publish the percentage of battery at that time
  • Rate: allows you to evaluate something that you like between 1 and 5 stars.
  • Events: access your calendar and publish your events of the day.

Peach Magic Words

Now that you know how to use Peach makes the most of this social network and have fun with your friends.

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