How to use google maps without an internet connection

Can’t find location, learn to use google maps without internet connection on Android and iPhone or iPad.

Technological advances and the Internet have made it easier to access information and data that help us in our daily life; among them we find Google maps, a map application created in 2005, which allows us to find a specific location, thus finding the exact address. This means that this application allows us to quickly reach our destination. But what if you go on a trip and until that place does not reach the Internet connection. You will surely lose your way or take longer to reach your destination. Or else your smartphone has exhausted your data plan.

1 What You Should Know
1.1 Limitations
1.2 Storage
1.3 Save your mobile data
2 For Android
2.1 Download a Google Maps area
2.2 Storing the areas on an SD card
3 For Iphone and Ipad
3.1 Download an area to use without Internet

So, if you’re wondering how to use Google Maps without an Internet connection, we tell you that this tutorial is designed to help you save your maps to your phone. This way you can use Google Maps without the Internet wherever you are, whether traveling or in an area with little coverage. Remember, it will always be a good idea to plan the future for this type of situation by downloading maps for offline use on Google Maps. Once you have downloaded an area, you will be able to get directions and see the points of interest of the region even without an internet connection.

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What You Should Know


The drawback of using Google Maps without an Internet connection is that it has its limitations that we must keep in mind. By using the offline map application you can get directions on how to get there. Since they are only available for driving directions, ie for those who are mobilized by car. Therefore, if you are not driving, using Google Maps offline will not be useful to you.

In driving directions, you will not have traffic information, alternative routes or lane directions. You also can not modify the routes to avoid tolls or ferries.


You can store the areas of the city that you want to see then offline on your device or on an SD card. If you change the way you store your offline areas, you will need to download them again. But remember that these maps finally expire because Google has to update them to make sure they are accurate. To see the areas you’ve saved that have not yet expired, open Google Maps and click the menu icon and select “offline zones.” Follow the tips and steps below.

Offline downloading is not available in some regions due to contractual limitations, language compatibility, and address formats, among other reasons.

Save your mobile data

To save mobile data and increase battery life, use the “Wi-Fi only” mode. If you turn on this mode and you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, Google Maps will only use data from the offline areas you downloaded. Before using this mode, be sure to download offline areas. To activate this mode, open the Google Maps app, click on “Menu“, followed by “settings” and then activate the “Wi-Fi only” option.

How to use Google Map on Android phone without internet?

Download a Google Maps area

1.- If you have a device with the Android operating system on your phone or tablet, you can access your account or the Google Maps application. To do this, you must make sure you are connected to the Internet.

2.- Search for the city that you want to download. Click on the bar at the bottom of the screen with the name of the place you just searched.

3.- If you are looking for a place, like a restaurant, press More. Then select “Download“.

4.- Next, Google can show the map of the area and will ask you if you want to download it. Click “Download” again to confirm.


How to save Google Map data on SD card

As we know, your smartphone’s default settings save the areas of Google maps that you download to the internal storage of your mobile or tablet. However, if you wish, you have the option to save it to an SD card. To do this your mobile device must be higher than Android 6.0 or higher, but remember that you can only do it by performing the portable storage configuration.


1.- The first thing to do is insert an SD card into your phone or tablet. Open the Google Maps app.

2.- In the upper left, press the menu and then Offline Areas.

3.- Then click on the option “configuration“, located in the upper right.

4.- In “Storage Preferences“, press Device and then SD Card.

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How to use Google Map on iPhone and Ipad without internet?

If you plan to go to a place where the Internet connection is slow, the mobile data plan is expensive or it is not possible to connect, you can save a Google Maps area on your phone or tablet to use it without an Internet connection from your phone intelligent. In this case, we will take the steps for the iPhone and Ipad.

Download an area to use without the Internet

1.- The first thing to do is open the application on your phone or tablet that has the Apple operating system, make sure you are connected to the Internet and access Google Maps.

2.- Just like for Android, you should look for the chosen place, as the city of your preference. At the bottom, you click on the name or address of the place. And if you are looking for a place, like a restaurant, press the “More” option.

3.- Then select or click the “download” option.

4.- Finally. Once you’ve chosen the place and downloaded, use the Google Maps app as you would normally do. And if your Internet connection is slow or unavailable, you’ll see a lightning bolt, and Google Maps will use the places you’ve downloaded for instructions on how to get to a certain location.


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