How to use google lens app for android

A series of articles will be published about detail features of a very interesting application, Google Lens app. Today, in this particular article we’ll tell you how to use Google Lens app on Android.

Specifically, we go back to the Google I / O of this 2017, at which time we started to hear about this technology so interesting that we get from the great G, the boys of Mountain View. And it is very interesting for the terrain of the photos, and you will like it.

Google lens app: detect object by taking photos

Use Google Lens app on Android

We are facing new software that comes from Google and we know the name of Google Lens. What allows us, is to recognize the elements that come out in the photos, so it is clear that it has a good dose of AI.

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The big news is that the next update of Google Photos could be great, so much so that it is possible that we are soon seeing Google Lens app in action, which is very good news for everyone. Because we knew that he would arrive soon, but we had not followed the trail for some time and had no news.


It is clear that we are facing a technology that paints very well. And this great update of the Google Photos app includes support with Google Lens. At the moment we know it is not available, but since XDA Developers have already followed the trail well and have reported that it is falling.

How Google Lens app work?

The operation of Google Lens App is very interesting because as we tell you, it is able to recognize the elements that come out in the photos. For example, if you travel to a major country and take a picture of a known monument, you are able to know what is in the picture. The same for other places or elements.

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It works with artificial intelligence and certainly promises because, in addition, it is likely to be updated slowly to be even better, which is really interesting.

As we say, for now, it is not possible to use it because it is necessary to update the Google Photos app before. We will tell you when it becomes available.

What do you think about the new Google lens app? We can tell you more soon.

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