How to upload holograms to WhatsApp status

Create holograms to send your WhatsApp friends for fun.

We’ll explain how do you capture a video with popular character like Spider Man, Tiger, Gorilla, Zombies, and many more and upload holograms to WhatsApp status. Let’s do it!

The augmented reality has taken center stage in 2017 since Google and Apple are working hard to have this technology on our devices. In addition, there are many applications that already use it and it is a pleasant surprise to find this technology to enjoy with our friends, family, and others.

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On this occasion, we bring you a very fun tutorial and it’s about uploading holograms to your WhatsApp status with the help of an application. Holo – Holograms is called the application that will allow us to create elements of augmented reality in our status, and in addition, we can save all the creations that we do to show them to our friends.

How can we upload holograms to WhatsApp status?

Something that we must emphasize is that DayDream or any type of augmented reality is only available for very powerful mobiles, for this reason, many people are left wanting to try this great technology.

However, we have found the perfect solution, which is integrated into an application called Holo – Holograms, however, do not expect the quality of augmented reality to be top, but it fulfills its purpose well.

Steps to upload a hologram to your WhatsApp status

The first thing we have to do is download the application on Google Play or in the download box that we will leave you at the bottom.

  • You have to open the application to find infinities of characters, animals and other creations already made by the application. In addition, you can create yours if you wish.

What should we do to make a hologram?

  • Obviously, we have to create one, either by choosing the characters that the application gives us or with those we believe.
  • Once selected, we have to record a small clip to make the character come alive.
  • Then we have to save it in the gallery (remember that it has to be very short so you can upload it to your WhatsApp status, no more than 30 seconds).
  • Now, we just have to go to the gallery and upload the clip to your WhatsApp status.

It is very likely that people think that you have recorded the video with the WhatsApp camera, because you can not see the difference, but it is very fun to do and it will not take you long.

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Do not hesitate and try this fun application. Also, nobody will think you have done it with the help of an application since it is very difficult to know, everyone will think that you have done it with the WhatsApp camera and it will be your secret unless you want to share this post with your friends.

That’s all, just be reminded that this application is completely free and that has very good comments. What are you waiting to try it?

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