How to update Huawei P10 EMUI software effectively

Learn to update Huawei P10 EMUI software.

Updating EMUI enables new features and option also makes your android phone faster than ever. So it is always recommended to update your android phone EMUI. In this particular articles of MsnTechBlog, we will guide to update Huawei P10 EMUI software easily and effectively. Let’s do this.

Instruction to update Huawei P10 EMUI software

1: Check which version of Android you have

The Huawei P10 is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars of the year in the smartphone universe. The Chinese brand has managed to consolidate in recent years in Spain and its mobile star has nothing to envy the rest of high-end smartphones, so it fights in the lists of the best sellers versus other heavyweights like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the iPhone 7.

Updating the software of a mobile phone is much more important than it seems. On the one hand, we can access new features and functionalities that were initially not available to users, but above all the update is a guarantee against potential vulnerabilities and threats.

So, throughout this tutorial, we will learn how to update the Huawei P10. Before starting, it is important to know what version of Android we currently have installed on the mobile phone, which will allow us to understand in what state our smartphone is.

The  Huawei P10  hit the market with Android 7.0 Nougat and the company has already confirmed that in the coming months will be facilitating the update to Android 8.0 Oreo, although that process has not yet started.

To check which version of Android we have installed on our Huawei P10 simply have to go to the settings menu of the phone and enter the last section under the name ‘About phone‘.

Sequence: Settings>>About Phone>>Android Version>>Tap 5 or more times.

check android version

On that screen, we can also easily see which version we have on the phone of  EMUI,  the layer of personalization developed by Huawei that in addition to changing the aesthetics of the different menus incorporates some features and applications of our own.

2: Check for operating system updates

As we say it is important to always have the mobile phone software updated to make sure that it works with all possible functions and also does it safely.

It is usually the phone itself that notifies the user that an update is available. At that moment a popup menu will appear on the screen informing this situation, inviting the user to start the download and update process or leave it for later.

Keep in mind that, even though Google has released a new version of its operating system, the manufacturer must adjust the code to work properly on their mobile. This is a very phased process, unlike what happens at Apple because iOS updates are released for all compatible smartphones at the same time.

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The update periods also depend on the countries and the telephone operators: if your smartphone comes from Movistar, Vodafone, Orange or another operator surely (there are exceptions) you have to wait an extra time as sometimes also need to make modifications before implementing the update.

3: Have not you received any notice to update the Huawei P10?

Enter the settings menu and select ‘System update‘. In case you have any available, we recommend that you have a stable Internet connection via WiFi, since these updates are usually quite heavy. Now click on “Check for updates” and once the checking finished click to update EMUI of Huawei P10 android phone.

update emui of android

In addition, you must have enough load to carry out the update of the Huawei P10, so we recommend that you plug it into the current so you do not have any discomfort. And it would not hurt to back up the most sensitive data.

The last update of the important Huawei P10 began arriving in Spain in early October under the code VTR-L09C432B171 and a weight of 537 MB.

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Besides helping to solve some problems of the Huawei P10 incorporates some news. For example, this update activates the Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) functions, aimed at improving the audio quality of calls.

It has also incorporated the Cloud function with which you can upload personal data, contacts or events in the calendar. And on the other hand, has added 3D panoramic function to the camera application to make dynamic photos in three dimensions.

Finally, the Huawei P10 update includes the latest Google security patches to protect our device from potential attacks.

4: Automatic restart and installation

The process of upgrading the Huawei P10 is fully automatic. The smartphone will first download all the data to your mobile phone and then reboot to install all the new features.

update Huawei P10 android phone

If everything went well within 5 minutes you can reuse your smartphone with all the photos, applications, videos, contacts and other data you had saved.

The difference is that now you will enjoy your Huawei P10 with the security of having the latest available version of Huawei software.

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