Ultimate micro influencer strategy to succeed on Instagram

That Cristiano Ronaldo promotes a product on Instagram is very good … but that do thousands of ‘micro influencer’ is even better.

That Instagram is the fashionable social network is no secret to anyone.

For some time this app, in which photos and videos are almost the single protagonists of the story, has surpassed in a number of users and relevance to Twitter, is also the perfect complement for a Facebook in which fewer and fewer people share this type of content of a personal nature. A phenomenon almost miraculous – as its founder recently commented – that has not gone unnoticed for companies that, swiftly, have adapted their online strategies to elevate this platform.

Not surprisingly, enjoying great prestige in Instagram is fundamental for the main consumer brands of the planet, who already invested hundreds of thousands of euros in advertising within this social network. Some ads that also take on special value if we consider that only in this way you can incorporate links within publications, so if you want to get traffic from this app is almost indispensable to scratch your pocket.

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But, as a complement to that marketing strategy, there is another formula using by more and more companies to take advantage of Instagram: the influencers. We talk about public figures, celebrities, athletes, actors, TV presenters, stylists or models (among many other profiles) that count for tens of thousands of their followers and possess a capacity for persuasion and influence on them that brands crave … and much. There are already “Instagrammers who charge up to $ 550,000 for posting an image or video sponsored in their profile, prices that equal and exceed those are managing on Twitter or YouTube.

And, from that bet by known faces to bring the benefits of our products or services, we come to the next nut back: the ‘ micro influencer ‘. Under this denomination, we find users who, although they do not treasure large volumes of followers, do enjoy a key importance or relevance within a given group, whether it be thematic, geographic or social. For example, a housewife with cooking blog widely read and organizes attended events in a particular city can be just as interesting, in cost / impact / benefit for a brand that a great chef with national reach.

But how can a company find the right ‘micro influencer’ for their business on Instagram? What kind of content should they publish? What metrics are the most interesting to follow to determine success? We try to shed some light on these points to draw up a strategy of ‘micro influencer’ with guarantees in this social network.

Identifying the ‘micro influencer’

First of all, we must forget the classic criterion of measuring users by their number of followers and begin to ponder other factors, such as the number of interactions they receive (likes, comments or visualizations of their videos) and the quality of these. Not in vain, what we are looking for are people capable of starting a multitudinous conversation around our products and with the ability to guide the comments towards the benefits of them.

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In that sense, there will be no ‘micro influencer‘ capable of generating music around our brand if it does not feel identified or related in any way with it. Following the initial example, we can not put an amateur cook to promote video games, not only because the target of their followers does not present the slightest chance of sale but also because the ‘Instagrammer’ will be unable to be comfortable and hook With that product. Therefore, we have to look very carefully at the type of ‘micro influencer’ we need, searching for existing conversations, locating key words in user biographies or using the most popular hashtags that relate to our industry.
But if we are a brand with a certain pull on the platform, with a high volume of followers, the fastest and safest way to hit a good ‘micro influencer’ is to look inside our current bag of followers. If a person who fulfills the criteria of influence and relevance that we are looking for is already following us, it is quite probable that it is because he likes our products and therefore he will be more open to collaborating with us and will be more credible when he publishes his images or videos sponsored. Tools like Scoutsee or Fuji perform this task automatically.

Type of content

In Instagram, as we anticipated at the beginning of the article, the images and videos are the kings. As such, we must take care of these publications in the slightest detail.

The objective is that they contain that do not disentangle in either thematic, format or habitual periodicity of the ‘Instagrammer’; That is, they seem as natural as possible. As with the great influencers, we will look for the person to take the product or service to their field to transmit it to their fans in the way that is most comfortable, since that is the formula that has achieved the engagement with his Hearing that we intend to replicate in our case.

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Also, we must not forget the possibilities offered by the Instagram Stories, an increasingly used format and, despite their fleetingness (stories expire at 24 hours) are a very intense way of relating to the ‘influencer’ sense is a way of opening us to their real world, in everyday situations, where it can show – even live – while using our product.

Measuring Results

Finally, once we have ‘micro influencer’, an interesting potential audience and content to measure, we just have to measure the results of our strategy on Instagram. For this, the essential thing is to count not only the number of people who have impacted by our message (number of visualizations of a video or a Story, for example), but also the engagement and the conversation that has occurred (comments and Me like), comparing this last metric with the average of that subject in their publications to the use.

We must also, if the subject has incorporated a link to our page from his biography, count the visits that have obtained, as well as other parallel actions that may have occurred in parallel to the publication (increase in the number of registrations in a newsletter that turn out to be followers of that page, for example).

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