How to turn off camera sound on Huawei P8

We explain how to turn off Huawei P8 camera sound when taking a picture from the camera settings.

Daily we take pictures with our phones of a multitude of objects, people or situations. Though most of us don’t know the basic tips for taking picture. Currently taking a picture helps us remember something, to teach our friends to think about something we are going to buy or to remember what the model of something we wanted to buy was.

This is why taking pictures with your mobile phone has become something every day. It is true that in some situations we do not care if nobody knows that we are taking a picture, but in other situations, it is somewhat uncomfortable for the sound of the camera to reveal that we are taking a picture.

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For these situations, making the photo without the camera sounding is ideal, and this is why this time in MsnTechBlog we will analyze how to disable the sound of the camera on your Huawei P8.

Within the camera application, we find the option to enable and disable the sound in a simple way. For this you will have to follow the following steps:

Instructions to disable camera shutter sound on Huawei P8

You can turn off camera sound on Huawei P8 android phone while taking picture in four easy steps. This process will requires 2 minutes to active. Let’s find out how to disable Huawei P8 camera shutter sound below:

Access Huawei P8 camera application – Step 1

Enter the “Camera” application on your Huawei P8 from the main menu by clicking on the camera icon.

Find Huawei P8 camera app menu icon  – Step 2

When you enter the camera at the top of the left screen appears an icon represented by three horizontal lines. It is the button that gives access to the camera menu. Click here to access.

Go to Huawei P8 camera settings option – Step 3

A menu will open with the different aspects that you can access to modify the settings. In the lower part, an icon appears corresponding to the “Settings” represented by a cogwheel. Press here.

disable camera shutter sound on Huawei P8

Turn on Mute option to disable Huawei P8 camera sound – Step 4

Once inside you will have to access the settings of the camera of your Huawei P8. Slide to the “Mute” option that corresponds to what we were looking for. If you slide the tab to the right you will activate this option and the cameras will no longer sound when you take an instant, while if the tab is deactivated the camera will make the sound of taking a picture when you take it.

It’s as simple as taking a picture without sound with your Huawei P8.

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