Tricks to easily label, sort and find emails in Gmail

Sorting Gmail to find an email quickly.

Gmail is one of the most widely used email services worldwide and is that the Google service is a great tool to manage our emails. However, a large number of emails we receive every day makes it a difficult task every day to have all your email organized, not to mention the difficulty in finding a certain email. Here are some tricks to easily sort and find emails in Gmail.

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Tricks to easily sort and find emails in Gmail

View all emails from the same sender quickly

It is very common to want to have other email messages from the same sender on hand when receiving a new email from that contact. Thus, we can consult previous emails for more information or have them handy to refer to any details of them.

To see all the emails from the same sender quickly, all we have to do is from the email that we just received:

  1. Put the mouse cursor over its name in the inbox
  2. Then, click on Emails inside the window

find all emails from a specific sender or email address

We will automatically see last emails from that contact are displayed in the Gmail inbox.

Find emails even if we do not know the sender’s name

When we want to search for a certain email but do not know the name of the sender, the thing is complicated. However, Gmail offers us this possibility by taking advantage of the Google search bar that is displayed at the top of our email.

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In the bar, we can see a small Arrow on the right side, that if we click on it will open a window where we can do a search for a certain email indicating the subject or indicating certain words it contains.

Find messages even if we do not know the sender's name

We can also fine-tune more if we indicate whether it is an email with attachments or not, the possible size and between what dates we would have received it.

Sort and search Gmail email with tags

Many users already use them but there are many others who may not know how to organize the emails in their Gmail inbox. Though, the tags can not help much when it comes to computer and look for emails among the whole mess of email.

How to create labels in Gmail?

Creating labels is like creating folders, so it is an efficient way to sort all our emails so you can find a particular email when necessary.

  • Select or open an email to discover additional buttons on top of inbox.

How to create labels in Gmail 1

  • Click on “Labels” button and type its name there.
  • Click on “(Create new)“.

How to create labels in Gmail 2

  • Finally, a new window will appear where you need to click on “Create“. Instantly a new folder having given label name will appear just below Gmail Draft folder.

How to create labels in Gmail 3

We can create as many labels as we like and go tagging the emails as they arrive by marking them in the inbox and from the button labels that is shown at the top, assigning the one that we create timely. In this way, all emails will be tagged and we will be able to find any email more easily.

Automatically apply tags to sent emails

This is a feature that does not allow Gmail to be made by default, however, thanks to the Gmelius extension, we will be able to automatically tag all sent emails. With this extension installed in the browser, we can indicate which label we want to mark each one of the email sent and later to be able to find any email with greater ease.

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