Tips for taking better night photos with the mobile

True tips for taking better photos with mobile at night.

Smartphone cameras have a problem: the image sensors are extremely small. No matter how often the top of the range shows improvements in this field, taking pictures at night, it is especially difficult because there is not enough light to take a good photo, which is often noisy or fuzzy. So today we leave you some tricks to take better night photos with the mobile.

The light-sensitive area on most sensors that are integrated into smartphones is approximately 15 to 30 mm². In comparison, the full-format image sensors of a midrange DSLR camera have an area of ​​about 860 mm², that is 30 to 60 times more. While small smartphone sensors can gather enough light during the day, the chip simply receives very few photons in the dark. However, there are several ways and tricks to make better night photos with the mobile.

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Which camera effect in mobile you should select for taking better photo?

Use manual mode

The trick to taking better night shots with the mobile phone is to alter the ISO value of the camera in the terminal. To produce a bright image in low light using a small sensor, you can simply amplify the light sensitivity of the image sensor. The camera application does this by itself when taking pictures in automatic mode.

manual night mode interface

However, higher ISO sensitivity also results in greater read errors that are manifested as image noise, loss of detail and washed colors, among other things. Finding the balance in the picture will be your main challenge.

Uses external light sources

More light is needed to keep the sensor’s sensitivity low (and therefore also reduce image noise). Although this may sound obvious this can be achieved by adding light sources to the subject. The built-in LED flash in today’s smartphones sometimes seems insufficient, but they also have drawbacks. The flash eliminates all shadows and generates overly artificial flat images.

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That’s why we recommend using external light sources around you. For example, when taking a portrait, take a few more steps to the nearest street lamp or the brightest corner of the room.

Long exposure times

If you can no longer add light to the subject of capture, you should give your phone more time to work on the picture. One of the photographic rules is that the longer exposure time, the more light. However, at the slightest movement or vibration, the photograph will be out of focus.

Many current smartphones offer a professional mode with manual options. The shutter speed in auto mode is usually set to 1/20 or 1/10 seconds but you can increase the exposure time manually. If the camera app has a shooting delay, you will avoid blurry photos.

Use a tripod

tripode example

Trick to take better photos at night with the most basic mobile. Since increasing the exposure time will give you better results, firing with the totally static mobile phone will prevent blurry shots. For this, you can buy some of the many tripods for smartphones that you can find on Amazon. Many of them are accompanied by a Bluetooth trigger, so you will avoid the vibrations that occur in the photograph when using the virtual button of the smartphone.

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