The best free proxy to surf anonymously in 2017

Surf internet anonymously with best free proxy to hide IP.

Do you suddenly discover that you cannot visit a specific website? Use one among 7 best free proxy 2017 to unblock and visit any blocked site.

We live convulsive times in which no one trusts anyone on the Internet. The revelations of Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, the constant hacking of all kinds of services, from Yahoo! To infidelity websites, show us that all our movements on the Net are spied for political, security or advertising reasons. And those are just legal intrusions … Cybercriminals, curious or exploited also try to illegally access our data online.

Is it possible to surf anonymously on the Internet? Probably not. But at least we can make things more difficult for experienced intruders and completely block advertising espionage and other simple intrusions.

The simplest (and cheapest) way to improve our anonymity on the Internet is to use a free proxy the web:

How to choose a good proxy?
6) VPNBook
4) Hide my Ass
3) KProxy
2) proxy site
1) filter bypass

What this website does is act as an intermediary between our connection and the Internet. All the online data inputs and outputs that we request pass before by the web servers, which are those that are identified on the Internet in our name. This way our IP address is hidden, and who accesses the Internet is really the IP address of the web proxy. If your servers are located in Holland, then our IP address will be Dutch, confusing advertising bots and spies.

Most proxies deactivate JavaScript, videos and other modules of the websites that compromise your privacy, although usually include options to activate them.

The price to pay for using a proxy is that you navigate more slowly because all of our data has to pass through the proxy servers. Being free, they are sometimes saturated with people and are inaccessible for a while.

How to choose a good proxy

There are literally thousands of free proxies.   Keep in mind that all our data will pass through their servers and although they supposedly do not spy on them, we have no way of knowing. Therefore, we must be wary of proxies that do not have a security company behind, show much publicity, or give us bad thorn. Search in forums and social networks and check that it takes time to work. You should also know that some websites block proxies. If you can not get into one, try a different one.

To find out if proxy works, go to it and access the whatismyip website, which shows your location according to your IP. If it’s a different place than you are (preferably another country), then the proxy works.

Keep in mind that a proxy only anonymity the use of the browser. Other online services like email, connection through applications, etc., are not protected. If you want complete anonymization you need a virtual private network.

Every proxy hides your IP address, but only some encrypt the addresses of the websites you visit. Use those who do. You have to check if they keep a record of our activity, and how much time they do.

Let’s take a look at some of the best free proxy to surf anonymously in 2017.


hide me best proxy 2017  is a security company that offers a virtual private network (VPN) payment, and a free proxy. It’s a good compromise because you know there are no dark intentions behind. It offers the free proxy as a demo of its services so that you are encouraged to test your VPN. Something that, of course, is completely optional. has been active since 2012 and has more than 5 million users. Your proxy is pretty fast and has no advertising. It is also in Spanish. You can choose the country from which you want to navigate (the Netherlands, Germany or the United States), and you have some customizable options:

You decide if you want to use cookies, encrypt the URL and the page, or remove the scripts and objects, which always crawl private information that could give clues to the spies.  only stores usage records temporarily, but does not indicate how long.

6) VPNBook


VPNBook is dedicated to the private virtual network business, but also offers one of the best free proxies for 2017 to browse anonymously. It works very fast and has no advertising.

It encrypts browsing via 256 bit SSL and unlocks YouTube and Facebook in countries where there is censorship. Keeps records for legal reasons (denounces illegal activities), but erases them in a week.

Its operation is very simple. You just have to choose the server that will supply the IP address. You can select one at random (the default option) or switch to the United States, UK or Canada.

VPNBook blocks some scripts and does not give you the option to unlock them, so it is possible that some websites that you use do not display correctly. It is the price that must be paid to not compromise privacy.


4everproxy best free proxy 2017

4everproxy is a secure and efficient service, which hides you through different IP addresses.

It also encrypts the navigation and eliminates the geographical censorship of the websites that block certain countries. It only saves the session of navigation during two hours so in that term it erases all the trace of activity.

Another interesting advantage of 4everproxy is that it does not block videos.  You can browse YouTube, Vimeo and the like.

It is very simple to use. Just type the web you want to visit in the central box. You also select the location of the server from which you will connect to the Internet, as well as the country of the IP address that replaces yours:

A series of options on the right side allows you to decide if you want cookies to be kept if you hide the page title if you encrypt it (you will navigate slower) and if you delete the scripts (you will not see videos or animations but you will have more security).

Also, if for some reason  4everproxy  is not available, in the upper area of the cover you can access many others.

4) Hide my Ass

At we do not value internet services by name, so we will overlook the questionable choice of Hiding My Ass when naming what is otherwise a solid and reliable free proxy.

You will see that you can select between a standard and Premium version (actually a Virtual Private Network or VPN). Stay with the standard option and you will have a free proxy without advertising (other than the company itself) that works quite well.

You can navigate to IP addresses from the United States, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. It encrypts the URL and the web itself and is also in Spanish.

Keep in mind that it stores records of your activity and the websites you visit to avoid criminal and fraudulent uses, but after 30 days you delete them.

Without a doubt, one of the best free proxy of 2017 to navigate anonymously.

3) KProxy

kproxy best free proxy 2017

With more than 1.5 million monthly users and active since 2005, KProxy is one of the most reliable free proxy web sites.

It offers direct navigation from your web and allows you to change the server between ten different IP addresses. However, Kproxy’s strong point is the extensions of Chrome and Firefox, which activate the default proxy and, according to its creators, is compatible with 100% of web pages.

There is also a custom and portable version of Firefox with the proxy enabled, called KProxy Browser. Just run it and go, no installation needed.

The web proxy has no customization options and in many cases blocks logos and other vital information from the web. If it does not work well you can change the server, or use the mentioned extension, which is faster and more efficient.

Access this link to KProxy.

2) proxy site

Proxy site is another reliable web proxy, among the best of 2017. It guarantees good results in everything that refers to performance and stability.

It has direct links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. As usual in this type of services, it hides the IP address and also encrypts all the webs, through SSL.

It has a network of Gigabit servers that ensure a relatively fast access to the web pages, through the proxy.

There is no customization, but once you load a page a window appears at the top that lets you remove scripts and objects, and decide whether or not you want cookies stored:

proxy site url

It also offers the possibility to select between more than twenty servers located in the United States or Europe.

proxy site is only available in English.

1) filter bypass

filter bypass best free proxy 2017

It is paradoxical for a web proxy to ask you to disable Adblocker advertising blocker, which is a tool that also helps preserve privacy. FilterbyPass ( does this because it is funded through non-intrusive advertising. A fair deal, because keeping the servers acting as a barrier of concealment, is not cheap.

FilterbyPass has been in operation since 2013. In this type of service, veterans and stability are an essential virtue. It offers a free proxy that includes 128 bit SSL encryption. One of its advantages is that it works with video-based platforms such as YouTube or Dailymotion. In fact, it adds buttons with direct links to them, and also to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., designed for countries where their content is censored. Or so your bosses do not get caught at work …

Finally, it is possible to customize the privacy options. It includes the option of encrypting the web or not and using cookies, objects, and scripts. Keep records for a week.

In short, filter bypass ( is one of the best free proxy of 2017, both for its performance and for its customization options.

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