The 5 most liked and shared tweets of 2017

Discover top 5 most liked and shared tweets of the year 2017.

2017 has been a year that has stopped everything in the technological field. Along with this have also been added hundreds of messages on the famous social network Twitter, some tweets issued by globally recognized characters, and others that have become viral as a result of that publication. So if you want to see what were the most famous tweets in the application during 2017, today you can see the top 5 of the list.

One of the main surprises is Donald Trump, current president of the United States. This character, famous for publishing hundreds of things per day, is not among the ranking of the 5 most shared tweets of 2017. Unlike the former US president, Barack Obama, who has 2 messages among the most retweeted.

The most shared and liked tweets of 2017

Obama and his farewell title of the presidency

The message that reached more than 870,000 retweets is clear and precise: “Thanks for everything. My last request is the same as the first one. I’m asking you to believe, not in my ability to create a change, but in yours. ” In addition to this, the message got 1.8 million likes.

Barack Obama Tweet - Most Shared and Like tweets of 2017

Ariana Grande and her tweet about the attack in Manchester

The Manchester bombing was one of the most tragic scenarios worldwide this year. Among the most recognized artists who broadcast their message is the famous singer Ariana Grande, who said the following: “Rota. From the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry. I have no words“. This tweet that was issued on May 22 has exceeded 2.6 million I like and has also exceeded one million retweets.

Ariana Grande Tweet - Most Shared and Like tweets of 2017

The Pennsylvania State University, also in the list

Among the most devastating natural phenomena of the year is the one that occurred in Houston because of the floods. To help the population of the region, the Interfraternity Council of the Pennsylvania State University issued a message stating that it would donate the sum of 0.15 cents for each retweet. The result was more than 1 million retweets.

Penn State IFC Tweet - Ariana Grande Tweet - Most Shared and Like tweets of 2017

Another message from Obama, this time encouraging love between people of different origins, religion, and skin color

In the second place on the podium, we have Barack Obama and his message about love between people of different religions, skin color, and origins. The tweet is the following: “No one is born hating another person because of the color of their skin or their origin or their religion …”. Nothing else this message reached 4.6 million likes and more than 1.7 million retweets.

Barack Obama Tweet 2 - Penn State IFC Tweet - Ariana Grande Tweet - Most Shared and Like tweets of 2017

The winning tweet, for the free nuggets!

And to close with a flourish we have a pretty funny tweet. The same was issued by a citizen desperate to have free nuggets. Yes, Carter Wilkerson was trending for having asked the famous fast food chain, Wendy’s, how many retweets he needed to be able to have totally free nuggets.

Carter Wilkerson Tweet - Barack Obama Tweet 2 - Penn State IFC Tweet - Ariana Grande Tweet - Most Shared and Like tweets of 2017

Wendy’s replied that she needed the high figure of 18 million retweets. However, Wilkerson has only achieved 3.6 million retweets, but that was more than enough to keep the throne as the most shared tweet of 2017.

And these are the 5 winners of the famous application. With this, it is validated that the tool is still more alive than ever.

Twitter is advancing with one of its latest updates, and also, months ago we saw the increase of the characters to 280. With these improvements, it is important to emphasize that 2018 may be the year for the social network to position itself again as it did years ago. Which tweet did you like the most?

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