Telegram Desktop, a complete Telegram client for Windows

Do you know Telegram secure instant massaging service is now available for Desktop platform? Find out all the popular features of Telegram for desktop pc which makes Telegram a complete client for communication. Download Telegram desktop client for free to use!

We have already seen that most of us like to use WhatsApp more than calling. Though the fame of this instant messaging service seems to be somewhat undeserved. And in the market, there are other more interesting alternatives.

For example, Skype offers possibilities such as making voice calls and video calls but is more oriented to computers than smartphones. Another alternative is Telegram, which works very similar to WhatsApp on the mobile phone, but it has certain advantages.

How to create new secret chat on Telegram?

The main one is that we can use Telegram on tablets easily, while in case of WhatsApp have some difficulties. Well, Telegram can also be used on the computer thanks to Telegram Desktop. An unofficial version created because the code of this application is free. In this way, we will chat with the convenience of a keyboard in conditions.

How do you download telegram for Desktop computer? We’re going to discuss it now!

Telegram Desktop Version

Take advantage and download Telegram Desktop without cost in this official link:

Telegram Desktop

It has versions for Windows (not Windows RT, it is a desktop application), OS X and Linux. It is a simple software to manage with comfortable UI including all app functions. My favorite messaging system, without a doubt! Although there are also options to use WhatsApp from your computer, Telegram is more intuitive, has no cost and usually does not suffer falls as usual.

What do you think of this program? Are you going to start using it frequently, or does that depend on whether your contacts adopt it?

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