Telegram channels: what are they? what are they for? How to use them?

Telegram incorporates a new service, the “channels“, which allow mass messages to be sent from the cell phone, allowing subscribing openly and in an unlimited manner.

Telegram is a mobile messaging application similar to WhatsApp but with high levels of security, which allows communicating without that communications can be easily intercepted if the option of “secret chat” is used, protecting greater privacy.

The novelty is that since last September, the Telegram messaging service incorporates a new service, the “channels“.

What are Telegram channels?

It is a new Telegram service that allows you to massively send messages, photos, links, even files, allowing you to subscribe openly and in an unlimited way. It is aimed at large audiences incorporating characteristics of social networks.

This is a truly innovative service with a future, as social networks and digital communication go more and more through cell phones. Companies and media are already trying to make use of this service.

What are they for?

Many times you want to send a text, a photo or a link to a news item to a large number of contacts, friends, co-workers, etc. For this, we have the classic WhatsApp options such as groups and broadcasts.

How to add someone on telegram?

The Telegram channels are similar to the so-called “diffusion” of WhatsApp, but with important improvements that allow:

  •  Subscribe to an unlimited number of users
  •  That said channel appears publicly from the web (through a URL), being able to access all the history of sent messages
  •  That any user can subscribe directly without intermediaries
  •  It lets you know how many people read each message
  •  Send not only texts, links, photos and videos but also any type of files

How to create your own channel in Telegram?

  • Once the Telegram application is installed on the cell phone, we have to enter it and click on the menu icon on the top left side of screen, there we will find a “New channel” option.
  • Once inside we have to choose the name of the channel, a description and we can even add a photo to the channel.
  • The next step will allow us to choose the privacy of the channel where you can choose a public channel or a private channel (with an invitation link to join) or giving the possibility of joining anyone.
  • In “Link” we can configure a unique URL for our channel and public as well as permanent. Remember it because it will be the easiest way to join the channel.
  • Once we have this step, by accepting we can invite users to the channel or have it publicly to publish on it.

How to delete telegram contact on Android or iPhone?

how to create telegram channel

How to join a channel on Telegram?

  • The channels now, thanks to the public URL will have a designation of type @channelname. When we entered Telegram we observed a search icon on the top right. If we click on it we can enter the name of the channel that we want to search.
  • Once found the channel we enter it and below we will have a button that says “Join” if it is public. Remember that channels can have several administrators so messages can arrive from different people.

how to join telegram channel

The Telegram application can be downloaded from any cell phone (smartphone). It is highly recommended that communications between activists cannot be easily intercepted by the services and employers, which we know direct their eyes and can obtain much of their information from Social Networks and WhatsApp messages.

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