Prevent automatic playback of videos in iOS11 App Store to save data

Stop automatic playback of apps videos in iOS 11 app store.

IOS 11 remarkably redesigned user interface and outlook of the App Store. After a long time more than ten years without any significant changes, the App Store is up to date concerning navigation and design. Automatic videos playback of apps is one of the major changes introduced in the iOS11 update. Although, playback of apps was in earlier versions too, are now playing automatically and more relevant.

Reasons to stop automatic videos playback in the iOS11 App Store:

While automatic videos playback in iOS11 app store comes handy for some users, it costs too much internet data. Thus, you can configure iOS11 app store setting in a way so that it will automatically preview apps while you’re only in Wi-Fi network. In this way, you will be able to save your iPhone data as well as save iPhone battery. You can also completely disable the playback of this automatic video which I don’t recommend.

How to prevent automatic videos playback in the iOS11 app store?

While you are browsing the App Store and you don’t want all videos to auto play, you can simply customize and deactivate the option.

Steps to disable automatic playback of apps videos in the iOS11 app store on iPhone, iPad:

You can easily stop automatic playback of videos in 5 simple steps. These steps are following:


  • At first, find iPhone or iPad (running with iOS 11) “Settings” icon and then tap on it.
  • From setting choose “iTunes and App Store” option.


  • Scroll down to find out “Auto Play videos” which will set to “ON” by default.
  • Tap on it. Now, you will find three different options to choose “ON”, “Wi-Fi only” and “OFF”.
  • Finally, choose the right option that suits you.


Once you select the desired option, you can immediately see the effect in the App Store app previews. For example, if you’ve selected auto play videos “OFF” app previews will not play automatically. Though, you can play them by simply clicking on app previews in the iOS11 app store.

In case, you’ve selected “Wi-Fi only” app previews will be automatically played when you’re only on Wi-Fi networks, but not on mobile data connection.

Thus, these adjustments in iOS11 are essential to save mobile internet if we have data limitation. Every video which played automatically means that they downloaded behind the scene.

Therefore, we’re consuming mobile data in the background without even realizing it. You will also find similar options in apps like Safari from iOS10 which you can configure in this way too.

I guarantee that following instruction in this article properly will save most of your Mobile data, if you often visit app store, by preventing automatic playback of videos in iOS11 AppStore. You are welcome to share your opinion on this topic in the comment section below.

You can also write us via comment section if you have any queries about your latest iOS11 updates. Definitely, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible to answer all your inquiries.

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