Solutions to when whatsapp not receiving messages – Android and iPhone

Often I am not receiving WhatsApp messages unless I open the app or until I manually lunch it on both Android and iPhone. This guide describes how do I solve it and mentions 10 possible reasons to solve WhatsApp not receiving messages on Android and iPhone. Let’s check all of them to solve this problem.

Possibly one of your contacts has sent you a WhatsApp message and you have not received it, which is a problem because something is not right. That is why we are going to give you several solutions that you can try when WhatsApp messages do not arrive.

Some of these possible solutions are quite simple, but others are somewhat more complex. You can try any of them if you have this problem and see that one of your friends and family has warned you that he has sent you a message and it has not arrived.

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Also, there is another common problem that can occur in your WhatsApp, that the messages arrive late, that is, that they do not reach you at the same moment of being sent by your contacts. They may be schedule WhatsApp messages to send later when they are busy which may delay due to uncertain reasons.

10 possible reasons for WhatsApp not receiving messages on Android or iPhone:

Actually, there may have many reasons for WhatsApp not receiving messages on your Android or iPhone devices or arrive later. However, we are going to provide a short list of most 10 probable reasons which causes your WhatsApp messages for late arrival.

Let’s check out all of them and inform us which one is the culprit for this cause in the comment section.

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It is possible that there was a fall of WhatsApp and you have not heard, something that causes you cannot send or receive messages. To check if WhatsApp works check the status of the service from the app itself.

Check your Internet connection

As simple as it sounds, we recommend checking if you have Internet access from your phone. Enter the Chrome browser or any other you have installed and check if, for example, you can access Google or another website.

WiFi Symbol

Turn airplane mode on and off

One of the possibilities that you can try, although it seems silly, is to activate and deactivate airplane mode. In this way, the data connection and WiFi are disabled, although they will be re-enabled once you deactivate the airplane mode.

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In many cases, it is an effective measure that will take only a few seconds, so if you notice that WhatsApp messages do not reach you, do not hesitate to try this solution. The airplane mode also has many other uses that you should know, some of them very interesting.

AirPlan Mode

Switch to data connection

For whatever reason, at some point, your WiFi connection may fail and among other things, you will not get new messages from WhatsApp to your phone. What we recommend is that you disable WiFi connectivity and leave only the data.

By having your Android or iPhone phone connected only through the data connection, you may already start receiving notifications from other applications and even the WhatsApp messages that you have not received until now.

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Restart your phone

The simple action of restarting the phone can be the solution to this and many other problems. If WhatsApp messages do not arrive, do not hesitate to restart your phone by pressing the power button a few seconds until the “restart“ option appears.

When the phone turns on again, connect to a Wi-Fi network or your data connection and see if all the WhatsApp messages that you have not received up until now are beginning to appear.

Restart Phone

Enter WhatsApp

It may seem silly, but try to enter the WhatsApp application to see if you receive the messages that until now did not enter the phone, is another possible solution.

If this works for you, you should solve another problem that prevents messages from arriving unless you enter WhatsApp, to deactivate the option to “restrict background data.

Uninstall WhatsApp

Another option that you can try to test to see if you can already receive WhatsApp messages that did not arrive is to uninstall the application. Simply uninstall WhatsApp and re-install it.

Although in principle you should not lose conversations and other multimedia files, we recommend in this step to make a backup of the messages and all those files, both in Drive and manually copying the folders one by one.

Uninstall WhatsApp

Disable the energy saving

Possibly you have not noticed, but if you have a low battery and you do not get WhatsApp messages maybe it is due to energy savings.

In Android, for example, there is a saving mode from which you cannot check emails or messages unless you enter the respective applications.

The simplest solution, in this case, is to connect the phone to the charger, so that the saving mode will be disabled automatically, and if this is the reason, all the pending WhatsApp messages will start to arrive.

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If when you have for example a 15% battery and you do not have the charger at hand, you should then turn off the power saving of Android. To disable the Android saving mode do the following:

Enter in settings / battery / battery saving. If you have it activated, disable it.

Disable Battery Saving Mode

In iOS this mode is called another way, specifically, “low power mode” and you can deactivate it by entering settings/battery / low power mode.

Restore the settings of your connections

Try resetting the Wi-Fi and data settings, something that can solve this problem that causes you to not receive messages from WhatsApp.

In Android, enter settings/network and internet and click on the three points button, where you must select the option “reset Wi-Fi settings, mobile network, etc.”

Turn your router off and on

A manual option that you can try is to turn off and on again your Internet connection router to see if this solves the problem of WhatsApp.

Any of the above possibilities may be the solution for when WhatsApp messages do not reach your phone, so do not hesitate to try them to see if you can finally receive messages normally.

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