Siri, Google Assistant or Cortana which is smarter?

Artificial intelligence has come to stay, and above all to make our lives much simpler. There are already many attendees are increasingly presenter, and there are more alternatives in the market. Well, today we echo a comparison that tells us of Siri, Google Assistant or Bing, which is more intelligent.

This week Google Assistant has returned to take a special role, precipitated by the presentation of its new mobile Google Pixel 2, the speakers Google Home Mini or Max and the Pixel book, where it is present in all of them.

How smart are Siri, Google Assistant or Cortana?

No doubt artificial intelligence is already present in many devices; in fact, the presentation of Google had a common thread among all the devices presented, as was Machine Learning.

It is precisely the personal assistants who offer the artificial intelligence to our devices, and every day they are being a little more intelligent. But they have wondered from Investopedia which of the most popular wizards is the most intelligent based on different parameters and algorithms.


And the results of this study have been very interesting, as the most intelligent assistant according to these experts is Google Assistant, which has harvested 47 points, equivalent to an intelligence equivalent to six years old (according to the research). Cortana follows with 32 points, while the last of the three is Siri, with 24 points.

Undoubtedly this is a rather curious result when Siri is the assistant who usually identifies first with artificial intelligence among many users. For those in charge of the study, there is a lot of room for improvement, although the results have improved a lot in the last two years.


In fact, in 2014 the results were of 26.5 points for Google Assistant, whereas the one of Cortana was of 13.5. It is clear that the future not only of mobile phones out of any electronic device or household appliance passes through artificial intelligence and these assistants.

This is the case of Samsung, which will bring its Bixby to all its ranges of appliances. With the aim of being able to interact all of them thanks to a common assistant.

Little by little each year, we will see how the intelligence of these assistants is increasing, until arriving at a comparable one to the adult age, of which now they are very distant, as this study has demonstrated.

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