How to send WhatsApp message to unknown number

Do you know how to chat with unknown girl or boys on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an application that is to trailer of others, something that neither the same Mark Zuckerberg would dare to deny. Its strong point is the large user base that it has, although features such as sharing real-time location came first to Telegram. In this particular i will guide on how to send whatstapp message to unknown girl or boy number.

Instruction to send WhatsApp message to unknown number :

Luckily or unfortunately, that users are going to move in the short term to another messaging app means you have to do something to correct the shortcomings of WhatsApp. That’s why there are always complementary applications, such as the one that automatically responds to messages when you are busy.

1) Download apps to send messages to unknown number via WhatsApp

It is not the only one, as we have just discovered another that allows you to send messages from WhatsApp to numbers that are not registered contacts. It’s called Mesej Je and it’s completely free for Android on Google Play, although it includes advertising. If you want to leave it free of ads you have to buy the Pro version.

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Among its advantages is that of not having to include in your contacts someone with whom you will only talk once. Once you send the first message, you can continue to chat with him without adding it to your contacts. So you will not have to share your profile picture or your status with him, greatly improving privacy.

Get the details of Mesej Je android apps below:

Name: Mesej Je
Developer: Kusyuk
Download Link: Mesej Je (Google Play)
Price: Free

2) Grants permits to Mesej Je

Similar like every application you install on your Android phone, Mesej Je also requests certain permissions to work with your phone. Unless you grant them, you will not be able to send WhatsApp messages to unknown numbers.

In this case, the first thing the app does when it is executed is to ask for those permissions. Especially the one that you need to access all your contacts. If you do not have access simply you will not be able to know what number is on the contact or not.

allow access android app

3) Enter the number you want to write to and open WhatsApp

Once you have opened Mesej Je, a screen appears that is very easy to use. Here, you have to enter the unknown phone number where you want to send a WhatsApp message. Do not forget to include the prefix of your country code in front of the number; in the case of UK is +44.

send whatsapp message to unknown number

When you have finished typing the phone number to which you want to send a message, click on Open WhatsApp or the Update icon. The messaging application will automatically open a conversation with that number in WhatsApp application.

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It’s all you have to do to write a message and click on the send button and it will deliver to an unknown WhatsApp contact. You’re done here to chat with unknown contact without any kind of further interruption.

Hopefully, you can successfully done sending WhatsApp message to unknown number which isn’t your phone contact list. If you face any kind of problem, you can directly contact with me via Msntechblog comment section. We’ll get back to you soon and try to provide appropriate solution.

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