How to send fake location on WhatsApp with iPhone and Android

Discover how to send fake location on WhatsApp chat without an app or with Fake GPS app on iPhone and Android.

WhatsApp is one of the most practical social networking platforms because of its versatility, design, updates and new features. Like most social networks, new features have been implemented on WhatsApp to allow us to be closer to our family or friends. One of these is the option to share fake location on WhatsApp in real time.

How to send fake location on WhatsApp - Android Direct method (Without app)
How to send fake location on WhatsApp – iPhone Direct Method (Without app)
How to send a fake and real-time WhatsApp location using Fake GPS app

This type of service selects our location and send to the contacts so that they can know where we are or how to get to where we want to go. Although sharing real-time location is useful and can be vital in some cases, in many others it can be understood as a security vulnerability.

However, another option offered by WhatsApp is the possibility of sending our location with an error of approximately twenty meters. Although this may be useful, we may want to send another “fake” location. Here we will explain how to do this on both Android and iPhone.

How to send fake location on WhatsApp – Android Direct method (Without app)

The first option is to use the WhatsApp application itself. You don’t need to use any third-party app on your Android phone to send fake location on WhatsApp. Just follow steps described as below:

Step 1: For this, we access the contact to which we will send the location and click on the paperclip icon. Now, you will find several options like Document, Camera, Gallery, Audio, Location and Contact icon. In order to send fake location on WhatsApp, you have to click on Location option.

step1 share fake location using whatsapp

Step 3: Now you need click on the square icon at the top left corner of the screen. When clicking on this option, the following window will be displayed.

Step2 share fake location on WhatsApp

The red pointer indicates where we are currently with a margin of error of 20 meters.

Step 4: There, just drag that pointer to a different location on the map you want to send to your contact.

Step3 share fake location using WhatsApp

Step 5: Once we have selected the location that we want, click on “Send this location” and in this way we have sent a fake WhatsApp location.

Finally shared fake location on WhatsApp

How to send fake location on WhatsApp – iPhone Direct Method (Without app)

In iPhone, the process that we have to follow is practically the same as the one we just saw on Android. For this reason, we don’t provide the images required. But if you need any photos and let us know in comment section.

Step 1: At first, we have to go to the WhatsApp contact to chat with him/her.

Step 2: As we want to send the false location to that contact, you need to select “send location“.

Step 2: Once the GPS opens, we have to select the tab with a location on the right side of the screen.

Step 3: Now we will put on the screen with a blue pin which we must move to the location we want to send to the selected contact.

Step 4: Once we have the chosen site, we select “Send this location“.

Note: The problem with this is the address will be written under the location. In that case, our contact knows that this only happens if we are not sending the real-location, he will know that the location sent is false. To overcome this problem, we will see another method through a free application.

How to send a fake and real-time WhatsApp location using Fake GPS app

Fake GPS app configures a fake GPS location so that each application that uses the location data on the phone believes that we are there. It has Tasker support and can be started or stopped from the command line.

We can download it for Android at the following link:

Fake GPS App

Fake GPS location
Fake GPS location
Developer: Lexa
Price: Free

Instruction to configure Fake GPS apps on Android:

Fake GPS apps requires certain permission from your phone to access GPS location. You need to have an idea of android developer options.

How to enable android developer options:

If you didn’t enable developer option, you need to enable it at first by clicking on the toggle switch besides Developer options and confirm by clicking on OK button on confirmation message.

turn on android developer options

Change android developer settings:

It is important to enable the option Select mock location app within developer option to run this application. To active this you need to follow the route: Debugging>>Select mock location app>>Fake GPS.

Enable Fake GPS app

Open Fake GPS app:

Once android developer options configuration is completed, you need to access the Fake GPS application. Now, you can move the pointer to the desired location and click on Play icon to change android GPS location.

Send fake location on WhatsApp using Fake GPS android app:

Now, you have the selected the fake location which we can calmly send using WhatsApp location sharing option.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp application on android phone and select your contact to send fake location. Now, click on the paperclip icon and select location option to share fake location as it will appear completely as if it were real.

Step 2: Finally, you need click on square icon and then “send this location” option to share fake location which we have configured in the App on WhatsApp.

Send fake whatsapp location using app

That’s all about sharing fake location on WhatsApp using without any third-party app or with app. Hopefully, you’ve done well and finally achieve this goal to send fake location on WhatsApp.

If you face any difficulties during sharing fake location, don’t hesitate to contact with MsnTechBlog admin via comment section. All your questions will be answered there. Be with us and spread our article via social media.

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