How to send encrypted email Gmail – Password protect Gmail email

How to send a password protected email in Gmail ?

Now-a-days email leaks has become a common issue disclosing personal information. If you use Gmail and you’re worried about your email security, we’ll show you how to send encrypted email Gmail with a password.

Recent leak of The Panama Papers, WIKILEAKS or even Football Leaks, has made it clear to us how vulnerable our personal information can be in the network. If big governments, corporations, and personalities prove to be so susceptible to these attacks, imagine that we are mere mortals.

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Although we think that we have nothing to hide, it is not a tasteful dish that information and personal data can circulate freely through the network, so it is advisable to take certain precautions, such as, using tools that allow us to encrypt the mail of Gmail with a password.

When it comes to navigation, the use of the TOR Network (The Onion Router) is the simplest and safest option. But when we talk about the most used e-mail client, Gmail, things are not so easy if you want to send encrypted email Gmail messages with password.

Ways to send an encrypted email through Gmail

In the internet you can find various mail services such as SENDINC or free mail encryption software such as CRYPTO ANYWHERE, which may be helpful, but if you are looking to encrypt Gmail emails, the simplest and most effective option is Secure Mail Gmail is a free extension for Google Chrome, which encrypts and decrypts messages within the browser, and keeps messages secure both in the email tray sent from the sender, and in the recipient’s inbox.

Secure mail gmail extension

Instructions to send encrypted email Gmail

Though several options available to send encrypted email in Gmail on internet, we choose free Gmail extension. This is the most convenient method to send secure password protect encrypted gmail email. Let’s do it!

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Install Gmail security extension and enter Gmail account – Step 1

Gmail security extension operation is very simple. You just have to enter the Google Chrome store and install it. This whole process will take only a few seconds. After doing so, we recommend restarting the browser.

Secure Mail for Gmail (by Streak)
Secure Mail for Gmail (by Streak)

You will know that Secure Mail for Gmail has been installed correctly by the icon in the top toolbar of Chrome. Now, the next step is to access your Google mail account.

install secure mail gmail extension

Option to send encrypted Gmail email – Step 2

Nothing has changed apparently except for a new padlock button right next to the “Compose” option. You can still send emails in a traditional way by clicking on it. But if you want to send encrypted emails in Gmail, you need to click on that padlock button.

option to send encrypted email gmail

Compose encrypt email Gmail – Step 3

In the email composing window, whose top has been dyed red, write the recipient, the subject and the body of the message. Once you have finished writing and ready to send the securely encrypted mail, press on “Send Encrypted” button.

compose encrypted gmail email

Enter password to protect and send Gmail email – Step 4

A new pop-up window will appear in which you will have to type the Encryption Password that the recipient must enter in order to read the message, together with an optional Password Hint phrase.

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The phrase can serve as a clue for the receiver to find out the password, “your mobile number” for example. You should use password hint to give indications so that only the receiver can get an idea of the password to be able to read the message.enter password to protect gmail email

Then click on “Encrypt & Send” to confirm the sending of encrypted mail in Gmail.

How to read encrypted email Gmail ?

As for the recipient of the message, if you are not used to this system, you will be a little surprised to receive an unintelligible string of numbers, symbols, and letters. To proceed to decipher the message, the recipient must click on “Decrypt message with password“.

read encrypted email gmail

Once you click on that link, a new window will appear. Now, you need to guess that password from the password hint the sender mentioned. If can’t guess that you can open it. Whenever you enter the Decryption Password previously established by the email sender, you can only read that message.

enter encrypted password

Thus the information send is secure and no one can open that email except desired receiver. Finally, you need to click on the Decrypt button to open that encrypted email.

Something to do every time you want to read the message, because as we said the emails are always encrypted, regardless of the mail tray in which they are stored. And now that you know how to send encrypted and secure emails in Gmail, do you think to put it into practice?

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