How to schedule WhatsApp messages to be sent later

Schedule WhatsApp messages to wish you friends birthday or any event just in time.

Today we explain how Seebye Scheduler works, a free application to schedule your WhatsApp and that they are sent alone later without having to do anything.

The application for programming WhatsApp on Android par excellence is Seebye Scheduler. There are others that in theory also work, like Scheduler for WhatsApp, but only in some versions of the operating system.

WhatsApp Message Scheduler [APK PURE]

In the case of Seebye, there is a version for which you do not need an Android mobile with root, although if you have it, much better.

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Once you have downloaded and installed this app from Google Play, you have to go to another sister application, essential for Seebye to have access to WhatsApp to program your messages. It’s called Messenger API and it’s also free.

Modify the Accessibility Settings

Neither application requires root access in an essential way, but you must make a slight modification in the Android Settings. Go to the accessibility section and move the Messenger API tab to “on” or else this trick to program your messages will not work.

When you do, re-access the Messenger API to verify that no popup window appears asking for permissions. If it does not, it is that everything is working.

How to schedule a WhatsApp message with Seebye

Now, let’s get down to business. To schedule your message you must click on the + icon that appears on the main screen of Seebye Scheduler.

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You will see that a new screen opens in which you have to select several fields:

  • Message Name
  • Contact
  • Content of the message
  • Date and time to send it
  • Periodicity

guide to schedule whatsapp message

This last tab is the one that enables the automatic repetition of the message daily, monthly, weekly or as you prefer. You can also include photos, video or audio in your messages to schedule in WhatsApp.

When you have everything ready, as seen in the image that we attach, click on Add. If everything went well, your WhatsApp message will be sent automatically at the appointed time.

The person who receives the message will not know that it has been automated, an advantage if you do not want to get caught in the dough.

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