How to scan QR codes with Android phone

QR codes are those advances that have been lavished thanks to the use of smartphones. While it is true that they are not found everywhere, they have been standardized as a fast and direct method for which to provide information to users at any time. How can you scan QR codes with Android phone? We bring you three forms.

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The Basics to scan QR codes with android phone: Aim and Shoot

Whichever method you use, the success of QR codes is due to its simplicity. Its use is as simple as pointing to one of those magic squares and getting the information and data it contains. Even you can create your own codes for free on this QR code generator website. You can do the test with the one that we offer you below, that will take you directly to our home:

scan qr codes with android phone

1) Barcode Scanner: a fully native app

When you install an app on your mobile phone, chances are you expect enough features to justify your weight on your device. In the present case, Barcode Scanner offers a complete package without exceeding 4 MB once installed.

Once you open this app, you can scan any QR code or barcode quickly. Everything that passes through this scanner will be kept in a history. From the first, you will be shown the basic information and you will be able to choose whether to search more through your browser. Or you can choose to automatically open web pages, the user decides in the configuration section. You can also select whether you want autofocus or not if you want to use the flash …

You can make several decisions to suit your taste. The idea is to have a complete application that allows you to scan QR codes as you want. You can install Barcode Scanner using the following link from Google Play Store:

Name: Barcode Scanner

Developer: ZXing Team

Download Link: Barcode Scanner Apps for Android

Price: Free

2) QR Code Scanner: A Simple Progressive Web App

The Web Apps Progressive are mobile applications that you access through your browser, but they work for themselves as an application. You can add shortcuts to your desktop and will be launched independently like any other. Within this category, we can find QR Code Scanner.

If you access this link through your smartphone, you will see that the page asks permission to access your camera. Grant it. Then add the page to your home screen and you’re done with the settings. Open it and you will see that a splash page will welcome you to take the app itself.

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You will not count in this case with any kind of extra. Point to a QR code to scan it and it will show you the URL with only two options: open and close. You will not be able to save the history, nor will you be able to configure anything, but in return, it will not occupy 1 MB in your device. Perfect to get you out of any hurry.

3) Microsoft Edge / Microsoft Launcher

The last option is that the scanner is an extra of another app, and no one has embraced that idea better than Microsoft with two of its latest applications. In both the Microsoft Edge beta and the new Microsoft Launcher you always have a QR code scanner on hand. A quick and easy way to add value to apps whose main use has nothing to do. In the browser, you will find the button next to the search bar. In the launcher, it is placed in the same place in its own bar.

microsoft QR code scanner

Conclusions: what you need, you have it

These three methods cover a wide range of possibilities. From a complete solution, through the emergency, to the added value; it is very easy to find your own method. Choose the option that makes you feel more comfortable because what you need, you will have.

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