11 ways to save money on your Amazon purchases

Are online purchases your downfall? We reveal 11 little-known tricks to save money on Amazon. You can benefit from the lowest prices or the best discounts, and all without much effort. Start buying wisely.

Amazon is that magnificent place where you can find almost anything with just one click, but that also leaves your card shaking every time you enter. The products at Amazon are cheap, but the e-commerce platform is also very convenient … and, as we already know, convenience is often expensive.

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Before you have realized you have filled the cart with things and are already on your way home, where you expect to receive them within 24 hours. It is difficult to control yourself with such a comfortable service.

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Therefore, today we want to provide you with some tips to save money on Amazon. There are many little-known ways to find lower prices and discounts on the popular e-commerce platform. From little too little you can end up saving a lot of money in your purchases, despite the fact that you leave the hand making the request from time to time.

The Amazon subscribes and saves plan is the easiest way to make the purchase and have discounts. It’s about marking certain products that you want to receive on a recurring basis, such as every month or two months; Amazon will send them directly to you within the established deadline, applying a 5% discount to your purchase in the first and second subscription, and 10% in the third.

It is very useful for products that you know you will need with some frequency, such as toothpaste or laundry detergent.

Amazon every day brings new offers on all types of products, where you can save much more than 50% at times. Yes, be careful not to fall into the trap and end up buying things you do not need just because it is cheaper. Just make sure to check the section whenever you need something, not going to be on offer. Another trick: you can see how much time is left until the offer runs out; Before you start to buy it, take that time to think if you really need it.

If you download the Amazon app they will inform you of upcoming offers before they are launched.

Find out about the price drops of your products: Maybe if you wait a week more the product you want is cheaper. Use an Amazon price tracker like camelcamelcamel to find out the best time to buy; will notify you by email or Twitter when the price drops and offers graphs of the history of the various products of the platform.

At Amazon, you can save money by buying reconditioned products at a lower price. In Amazon Warehouse you will find all those products that have returning customers, which have the box open or are slightly damaged. They still have a good performance and the required quality, so they offer them at a lower price.

Amazon occasionally releases discounts that you can use to purchase your products. For example, now offers a discount of 5 euros for downloading and testing the app, it’s that easy!

Amazon Assistant is a smart shopping assistant for the e-commerce platform. Its most interesting function to save money is to compare different products according to their price and characteristics.

Do you have a baby? If you are a prime customer of Amazon Families you can get a 15% discount on diapers, as you can tell anyone who was a parent, it is noticed. In addition, diaper subscriptions count as one of the 3 subscriptions needed to get the 10% discount we mentioned previously. If you are not a prime member, you will receive a 5% discount on scheduled diaper shipments.

Amazon also has Outlet, where you can find thousands of products at a lower price.

Amazon offers some products at a lower price when the amount of your purchase exceeds 19 euros. Stay tuned for the blue ‘ Product Plus ‘ label next to the price.

If you have seen the same product on another page at a better price, but for some reason you prefer or it is better for you to buy it on Amazon, you can try that the latter will lower the price by informing you of the existence of the other product. a better cost. You may lower the price at your suggestion, so be very attentive. You will find the function below all under the section ‘Help us to improve‘.

Does anything miss in this list? If you think so, don’t forget to mention it in the comment section.

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