How to restore iPhone from iTunes backup


Reset and restore iPhone from iTunes backup easily.

Apple iPhone uses a backup system for it smartphone user that may characterize by very easy to generate with limited computer skills. Simultaneously, the operation to restore this copy to that iPhone device is also very simple. However, the most important thing is that, unlike what sometimes happens with other operating systems, recovery never fails.

As soon as you apply it you get your device as you had it before, with all configurations, documents, passwords, etc. In Msntechblog we explain step by step How to restore iPhone from backup on iTunes.

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Instructions to restore iPhone through iTunes backup:

  1. Firstly, you must have the iTunes program installed on a computer, either Mac or Windows. Moreover, you must have the latest version before beginning the process to restore your iPhone with iTunes backup.
  2. Now it’s time to connect your iPhone to the computer. Depending on auto run program setting of your computer, iTunes may automatically open when it detects that the device has been connected to the computer or you may have to manually go to the program.
  3. Are you already in the iTunes interface? Now, you have to go to File, then Devices and finally Restore the backup, which is the option that will allow you to achieve your goal. If the version of iTunes is 10.7 or earlier, you must place the mouse on the device, then right-click and access, there, to Restore Backup.
  4. It’s important that you keep the following information in mind before restoring an iTunes backup to iPhone: backups can not be installed on devices that have older versions of iOS than the one backed up.
  5. So, for example, imagine that you have an iPhone 5 on which you installed the iOS 8.1.1 version and then backed up to iTunes. Now, you want to reset with the backup on an iPhone 6 that comes from the factory, with the iOS 8.0 versions. You can’t simply reset your phone. At first, you have to boot the phone without the backup and update it before restoring a backup from iTunes. Already, with the latest version of iOS, yes, you can perform the operation at ease.
  6. As you can see, resetting iTunes to iPhone is easy. So do not be lazy and perform your backups frequently to ensure you will not lose data.

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