How to remove viruses on android phone and tablet – 5 Steps

Learn to remove viruses on Android phone and tablet in 5 steps.

Once a virus has entered our Android device we have to act immediately to eliminate it and to damage as little as possible the information we have stored. But do not be alarmed. In this short tutorial we will guide you How to remove viruses on Android phone and tablet, when we think we are infected, through one of the best free antiviruses for Android: AVG Antivirus.

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Instructions to delete viruses on android phone and tablet:

  1. Your mobile is nothing but a smaller computer which can be held in your hand. So think about it in the view of the computer. As we always use antivirus software on a computer, in a similar way, you have to use antivirus app to prevent new viruses from entering your mobile.
  2. Most of us use a smartphone to surf the Internet frequently which is the major source of the virus. Thus, it is best to install a good antivirus app that will help to protect your device. In this case, the first thing we have to remove the current infection is to download and install AVG Antivirus from Google Play.
  3. Once the permissions are accepted, downloaded and installed, we open the AVG Antivirus application. We activate the service and click on the Protection option.
  4. Then, in the list of options, choose the option “Analyze now“. In this way, we can start an immediate analysis so that the program detects the malicious file and can eliminate it.
  5. At that point, you will start to analyze all possible viruses and malware that may be on our Android phone or tablet. When you finish, you have to erase all traces of the virus. Finally, your mobile device will be free of infectious files. Simultaneously, your android phone will be safe from future infections.

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  • You must keep the antivirus app updated.
  • Check android phone battery status before using this app.

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