How to remove Facebook virus infected links

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Remove Facebook virus links to get rid of spam on Facebook.

Facebook says my computer is infected with malware, what to do now? Your computer needs to be cleaned Facebook error. During the past year, there were a few users who suffered malware attacks on the social network Facebook. These suspicious links and applications were not only filtered on the wall of the person who clicked on them, but on that of all their contacts, thus spreading the virus boldly without its effect having an end.

Requirements to remove virus from Facebook
Instructions to remove Facebook virus infected link
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You need to get rid of spam on Facebook in any way. However, to avoid falling into the trap now is easy thanks to the tool that Norton offers us; If you still do not know how to remove Facebook virus links that are leaking on your wall, read carefully the following steps.

Requirements to remove virus from Facebook:

  • Internet access.
  • A computer.
  • A Facebook account.

Instructions to remove Facebook virus infected links:

  1. To remove spam on Facebook, you need to open Norton Safe Web in your browser and select ‘Allow’.
  2. Click on ‘Let us access your latest news and your Wall’ so that the Norton tool can analyze your latest publications.
  3. Press ‘Allow’ again to authorize Norton to inspect your account for infected links.
  4. The results will show if any of our contacts have shared any malicious links during the last 24 hours. If Norton finds a suspicious link, it will appear with an X or an exclamation mark and will give you the ability to take action.
  5. Turn on Auto-Scan if you want Norton to scan all the links that appear on your wall for viruses and suspicious activity automatically in the future.

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You should suggest this great Facebook link virus detection and removal tool to your acquaintances; Then, our friends and family will be safe from malicious spammers spread using Facebook.

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