How to remove blocked contacts from WhatsApp

Did you block someone and want to remove blocked contacts from WhatsApp completely? Read this ultimate guide to do it!

When a contact is blocked in this instant messaging application, it is also stored on the mobile device in the “Blocked users” section but if you want to remove your entire phone trace, then you must follow the instructions we give you on MSNTECHBLOG.


What happens if you block someone in WhatsApp?
 - Remove a Blocked Contact using WhatsApp.
 - Remove a blocked WhatsApp contact using PhoneBook.
 - Remove a blocked contact in WhatsApp completely!
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Read on and discover how to remove blocked contacts from WhatsApp in easy steps that are easy to do. Have on your mobile only those people you want to have!

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What happens if you block someone in WhatsApp?

I will mention some key points here. But you should read what will happens after blocking WhatsApp contacts in details at first.

As soon as you blocked someone in WhatsApp, you should be aware that blocked person will not be able to contact you again through WhatsApp.

You can not receive messages from that person although he/she will be able to see those as if she had sent them but with a single check, that is, indicating that you did not receive it.

Moreover, you can not send messages to your blocked WhatsApp contacts too. Although, there is a trick to send message to unknown WhatsApp number with that you can send.

Last but not least, you will not be able to see last connection, status or profile picture of your blocked WhatsApp contacts.

In summary, you will lost your blocked WhatsApp contacts latest activities as if he/she was never your friend in WhatsApp.

Consequences of blocking whatsapp contact….

Remove a blocked contact from WhatsApp

Can’t you find the blocked WhatsApp contacts in your PhoneBook? You have an alternate way to delete blocked contacts using WhatsApp itself.

To delete blocked contact from WhatsApp apps, you need to access your blocked WhatsApp contacts first. This method will also delete that contact from your mobile contacts list too.

I will guide you in step by steps to get into WhatsApp blocked contacts list.

Open WhatsApp Chat

Open your WhatsApp app installed on your Android or iPhone. You will find the screen where you see a complete list of your conversations.

WhatsApp Open Window

Go to WhatsApp Settings

You must enter your WhatsApp apps profile setting. Accessing profile setting on Android and iPhone version app is different.

For Android, you will see three vertical-dots at up-right corner. Press and select the option Settings.

For iPhone, Find that gear icon at the bottom-corner. Click on that icon to open WhatsApp Settings.

WhatsApp iPhone Settings Icon

Rest of the steps are similar for both Android and iPhone version WhatsApp application. Nothing to worry about!

Open WhatsApp Account Settings

It’s time to open your WhatsApp account setting page. Find and click on Account option.

WhatsApp Account Settings

Go to WhatsApp Privacy Settings

Blocked WhatsApp contact is a part of WhatsApp account privacy. Thus you need to click on Privacy option within WhatsApp account settings.

WhatsApp Privacy Settings

Find blocked contacts on WhatsApp

As soon as you have entered the Privacy option of WhatsApp you will have to look for the section of “Blocked” contacts.

WhatsApp Blocked Contacts List

If you click on this option you will see a complete list with all the people that you have blocked so that they can not speak to you by this way.

You will see that the ones that are no longer on your mobile phone, appear with no name, only with your phone number.

Select Your Blocked WhatsApp Contact

It’s time to find and select your Blocked WhatsApp contact which one you want to delete. Click on blocked contact to open Contact Info window.

Select WhatsApp Blocked Contact

Edit Blocked WhatsApp Contact

Within blocked contact info window, click on Edit link on the top-right corner of the screen.

Edit Blocked Contacts on WhatsApp

Within the Edit Contact window, you can change contact name, country of origin, phone number, some other fields and, of course, delete contact link in red colour.

Click on Delete Contact link.

Delete Blocked WhatsApp Contact

Confirm WhatsApp Blocked Contact Removal

Finally, WhatsApp will ask your permission to delete that blocked contact. Click on the Delete Contact button to vanish blocked WhatsApp contact. The contact will also be deleted from your phonebook too.

Confirm deletion of blocked WhatsApp Contact

Remove a blocked WhatsApp contact from Phonebook

As you are scrolling down here, you most probably accept the consequences after blocking WhatsApp contact which you will face later. If you are not sure, read that again.

But if this lack of communication is ok and you want to remove the blocked contact in WhatsApp so that it does not even appear on your device you will have to follow these steps:

Search Contact Inside PhoneBook

First of all, you will have to delete the contact you want to block from your mobile phone. For that, you will only have to access the Phonebook of your smartphone and then look for the name with which you have saved that person.

Select and Delete Contact

Once located, you must mark it and select the option of Delete or Delete contact; In this way, you will delete your phone number or the data that you have stored on your device.

Moreover, the contact must remove not only from the SIM card of your phone but also from the memory card. Additionally, you can run contact finder app to delete duplicate contacts stored both in Phone and SIM memory.

Bug Fixing: Completely Remove WhatsApp blocked contacts

At this time, this is the only option that exists to remove a blocked contact in WhatsApp, that is, you can delete your name so that it does not appear in your list of contacts but, so far, it is impossible to remove it from your blocked contacts record, You will always see that person’s phone number.

Result after deleting blocked WhatsApp contact

WhatsApp has not yet given an answer for this and therefore the only way that that phone number really disappears is when the other person in question also deletes you from your contact list.

But you can delete the blocked contact to appear on WhatsApp Chat conversation window. This will keep your friend list clean and fresh.

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How to remove WhatsApp blocked contact from Chat?

Whether you choose Phonebook or WhatsApp method to deleted WhatsApp blocked contact, chat conversation in between will still show up within the Chat window.

As you can not eliminate blocked WhatsApp contact perfectly, but you can remove it from chat window easily. This will help you to forget about what happened with that blocked contact perfectly. As you will not see it within chat window.

It’s recommended to delete chat conversation after deleting any blocked contacts from WhatsApp. If you are not sure whether you will unblock him/her in future, You can also backup WhatsApp messages on your Android or iPhone.

Open WhatsApp Chat Window

Firstly, you need to open WhatsApp application and move to Chat page. Where you need to find out the conversation between you and your blocked WhatsApp contact. Don’t open it.

Open WhatsApp Chat

Long Press Over The Conversation

On the Chat window, you need to long press over the conversation. Suddenly, a new window will appear.

Long press over whatsapp chat

Delete WhatsApp Chat

Within that window, you will find Delete Chat option. Click on it to delete all the conversation between you and your blocked WhatsApp contact.

Delete WhatsApp Chats

Now, your blocked WhatsApp contact will permanently removes from the Chat window.

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      • So this means that the person on whose phone the whatsapp contact has been blocked, can unblock and block it at any time? If the blocked person does not remove the blocker from his/her contacts list, then removing this person from your whatsapp permanently can never happen?

        • Thanks for your comment.
          Yes, you can block and unblock any contact on your WhatsApp account at any time.
          You can permanently remove any person from WhatsApp contact by deleting from phone contact.

  1. I found a way to remove blocked contacts from WhatsApp: first, remove contact from phone book, then in WhatsApp, unblock contact.


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