How to recover Wallapop password

Do not remember the Wallapop password? Learn how to recover Wallapop password easily.

Wallapop mobile application is one of the most used currently for the buying and selling of products and items. Thanks to its geolocation with GPS, it makes it a very useful tool to acquire or to sell those products that you need. To be able to sign-up yourself it is necessary that you have the Internet in the mobile because you can only register using a smartphone. When you sign-up, you need to enter an email and a password to access your account. If you have forgotten, in this article of MSNtechBlog  we are going to tell you how to recover the password of Wallapop.

1. Instructions to recover Wallapop's lost password
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Instructions to recover Wallapop’s lost password:

Step 1: In order to recover the password of Wallapop you only have to access the application from your mobile, click on “Login” and you will see the box to enter your mail and another to indicate the password. You will see that, under this box, you have the phrase “I forgot my password” so, if you do not remember it, you will only have to check this option and, systematically, the app will send you a new password to the email with which you registered as a user.

In this article, we tell you how to register in Wallapop.

Step 2: Immediately, the system will send you an email notifying you to change your password so that you can re-access Wallapop. It is possible that this email gets you to the spam folder so we recommend you check it out if you see that it does not reach your inbox.

Step 1: Recover wallapop lost password

Step 3: In addition, if you want to change the password of Wallapop to make it easier and, thus, not forget again just have to enter your personal area and, here, access the option “password” to modify it and Establish a new, easier to remember. In this space, you can also change your profile photo, username, and so on.

Step 4: Wallapop accounts are created with an email, that is, the account will be associated with your mail at all times. But, now, it is possible to modify the email in case you want to start using a new one without losing your products or your ratings. To do this, you will have to enter the app, access the personal area and click on the “settings” option, in the case of Android will have a pencil symbol and in the case of iOS will have a symbol of a wheel. Once here, you will see the option to change the email.

Step 2: Recover wallapop lost password

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