Private mode: Firefox Quantum VS Google Chrome Which is faster?

Mozilla Firefox performs an analysis in incognito or private mode of Chrome and Firefox browsers to determine which of them loads the pages faster. Are you ready for combat?

Having a good browser is something that most users worry about when they are surfing the internet. A high percentage of people, who connect to the internet daily, use Google Chrome as the main browser. The reason behind choosing Google Chrome quite simple as this study showed with infographics that Google Chrome is most secure browser among all. Another reason is the easy accessibility of all Google product using chrome browser and the ability to access all bookmarks anytime, any device you want.

But, Google Chrome isn’t perfect too. It’s a lazy browser taking comparatively more time to load web pages. That the point Firefox developers take into account to develop a new browser which will facilitate all the good features of Chrome browser as well as overcome their drawbacks.

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Nowadays, private browsing is something that user’s use regularly since users are more concerned about the privacy and security of their data. That is why Firefox has presented a comparative analysis in which both browsers (Firefox and Chrome) are analyzed in incognito or private mode to determine which of them is faster.

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Firefox Quantum is the fastest version of Firefox created so far. Approximately, doubling the speed to its predecessor version (Firefox 52), it is now compared to speed with Chrome in incognito or private mode. Who gets the victory?

Disconnect analyze the speed of private mode in Chrome and Firefox

The disconnect has carried out a study in which the loading time of the pages measured for the 200 main news websites collected by Alexa. To do this, Firefox Quantum (v57.0b10v57 beta) used in the default modes and private browsing and the latest version of Chrome (v61.0.3163.100) available at the time of the test, also in default mode and incognito.

Each of these sites loaded a number of 10 times. Load times were measured using the Performance Timing API for Firefox and Chrome for each page load and controlled through an automated script.

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Result: Chrome incognito VS Firefox private which is faster?

The results obtained by an average of 200 websites tested were 3.2 seconds for Firefox Quantum versus an average of 7.7 seconds to load a page in incognito Chrome mode.

According to this study, Firefox Quantum loads the page 2.4 times faster than Chrome in incognito mode. They also add that the percentage rebound for webs that do not load before 6 seconds, is 70%. Something that would not affect in this case Firefox Quantum.

firefox vs google chrome speed test
In Incognito or Private mode: Firefox Quantum’s Private Browsing approximately loads page 2.4x faster than Chrome | Image Source: Firefox

Firefox is definitely stepping up and wants to unseat by all means a Google Chrome established in the market and today exceeds 56% of total users who use this browser. Do you think Firefox can claim victory and beat Chrome in the number of users?

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