How to prioritize friends on facebook news feed posts to see first

A tutorial that explains the steps to prioritize what posts to see first on the Facebook news feed with the option “Who see first” step by step.

Facebook undoubtedly occupies an important place in the arena of social networks owned a large number of users worldwide. It is true that when you follow a page or friend on Facebook, it is because you are interested in their posts and you want to see the photos, videos, and status published on your wall.

Facebook prioritize who to see first

Recently you have noticed that Facebook does not show all the posts on your wall peoples and pages shared that interest you. This is because Facebook newest algorithm shows those posts on your wall with which you have a greater number of interactions.

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This can make you lose Facebook content that you really want to see and that Facebook is not showing you. But for this, there is an option called “Prioritize who to see first” and that you can activate with the profiles that most interest you so you do not miss anything.

Facebook See First Limit

Facebook imposes a limit on the total number of friends and pages you can prioritize to see first their posts. You can’t add all your friends and pages to the see first list.

You can add maximum 30 number of friends and pages in total. If you are intended to add more than either 30 friends and pages, Facebook will display below message:

Facebook See First friends limit
See First Limit

For example, you can add 15 friends and 15 pages (in total 30) to the see first list. That’s why you have to select your friends and pages wisely.

For this reason, today in MsnTechBlog I will explain how to activate prioritize friends on Facebook to see their post first in news feed step by step.

How to prioritize friends on Facebook?

Prioritizing friends on Facebook is the easiest works to do. For this you will have to follow these steps:

Step 1

In your Facebook news feed or on the profile page, you will see some icons and finally an arrow located in the upper right corner. Click on it to display all available options.

Facebook Menu Button

Step 2

A window with different options will be displayed, select the option “News Feed preferences“.

News Feed Preferences

Step 3

A new window will open where you can change various aspects of your preferences. Click on the option “Prioritise who to see first“. This is the option to set see first on Facebook.

Prioritise who see first

Step 4

In the new window, select the Friends or Page (it can be one or several) of which you do not want to miss any of your posts on your Facebook news feed. Remember not to add more than 30 friends or pages in total.

prioritize friends on facebook

Step 5

Once selected click on the blue “Done” button.

With this simple action, see first on Facebook news feed achieved. From now, whenever those see first contacts or pages will publish any post, Facebook will show on your wall automatically. It’s as simple as not to miss out your favorite Facebook profiles update status.

How to change see first on Facebook?

If you are reading this article carefully, you must know that there is a limit on Facebook see the first option. At some point, you may find some friends and pages post more interesting than others, but you don’t have to see first limit to add that friends and pages in prioritize list.

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On the other hand, some friends or pages posts may not update regularly or feels non-interesting. Now you are thinking to remove some unnecessary friends or pages from the prioritize list and add up some others. Here’s how to change see first list on Facebook.

  1. Follow all the process discussed in How to prioritize friends on Facebook up to Step 3.
  2. You will see a star icon beside the selected friends and pages profile.
  3. Now find out your disliked friends or pages and click on it again to remove it from see first list.
  4. Finally, you need to search your liked friends or pages and click on it to add a star icon and click on the Done button.

That’s all!

Now you will see all your desired peoples and pages posts in the upper list of your news feed or facebook dashboard. It will be helpful for you to avoid unnecessary disturbing posts as well enjoying preferable post easily.

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