How to post panorama on Instagram – upload 360 degree photos

How do you post a panorama photos on Instagram?

Instagram is becoming one of the most used social networks worldwide. The users usually upload their photos and videos to the platform and share with their friends. Posting panoramic photos is the new addition of Instagram, similar like posting 360 degree photo on Facebook. In this tutorial, we explain how to upload and post panoramic photos on Instagram in a simple way.

The possibilities in the social network have been increasing with time since they have been adding functions like the “stories” of 24 hours, the introduction of rectangular photos or the possibility of uploading videos that can be downloaded. Also from the App itself, we can send private messages to our contacts. Now you can create 360 degree photos and post panorama on Instagram.

In the case of panoramic photos,

[clickToTweet tweet=”Instagram hasn’t allowed us to published at the moment. But you can post 360 photo to Instagram with third party app.” quote=”Instagram hasn’t allowed us to published at the moment. But you can post 360 photo to Instagram with third party app.”]

However, if they added the possibility of publishing several images in a single publication. That is why thanks to this function we will have the possibility of publishing panoramic images in the way that we are going to explain next.

Instruction to post 360 degree photos on Instagram :

Step 1

To post a panoramic photo on Instagram, the first thing you should do is download the following application called InSwipe Panorama for Instagram.

Panorama for Instagram: InSwip
Panorama for Instagram: InSwip

Once we have downloaded the application, we have to select that panoramic image that we want to upload to Instagram.

Step 2

Once we have the selected image, we must choose the number of cuts we want the app to make so that our image looks panoramic.

Step 3

We accept the process, and the application itself will show us how to slide the image joins to show us the panoramic. Now we have to save these images, to later upload them to Instagram.

Prepare panoramic photo for Instagram

Step 4

Once we are on Instagram, we have to select the images that the app has cut in order, so we can visualize it in panoramic mode. We must bear in mind that the order is important so that the photo is correct, ordered and with a panoramic appearance.

Upload panoramic photo to Instagram

As we can see, our image will have been uploaded in the panoramic mode and we can see it completely by sliding our finger across the screen. In this way, we will have uploaded our panoramic image in a simple way.

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