How to play .ogg files Windows 10, 8, 7? Open and listen an ogg file format

This tutorial describes facts about OGG file format recognized by .ogg extension and how do you open an ogg file with various media players installed in your computer running with Windows 10, 8 and 7 operating system.

There are a hundred types of audio and video files that are designed to optimize and take full advantage of this type of multimedia elements. We are mostly familiar with .mp4, .mkv, .mp3 and other file format. One of these is the OGG file and today we will see what it is and how to open a file of this type in Windows 10, 8, 7.

What is .ogg file format?

An OGG file is The OGG file type is a container format developed under software patents by the foundation (Ogg Vorbis).

Benefits of OGG file format :

  • This format allows users to transfer and modify different digital media files in high quality. The OGG extension is associated most of the time with audio, but it can also represent a container file.
  • An OGG container allows multiple audio and metadata transfers and its compression offers a medium of high quality, between 16 and 128 kbps, similar to the MP3 format and other similar audio file types.
  • OGG files can include information about artists and clues allowing you to have even more information about the data stored there.

Software to open OGG files format in Windows 7 and 8

Most modern media player supports .ogg file format. Currently, we have multiple players, some free and some not, with which it is possible to play this type of files and listen to quality audio. We have the option to use software such as:

  1. VLC
  2. Windows Media Player
  3. Xion Audio Player
  4. Audials One

In addition to this, some GPS devices have the ability to carry out the reproduction of this type of files.

How to play OGG files on Windows 10?

Windows 10 user need to follow an alternative but easiest way to play ogg file format. Previous method was solely for Windows 7 and 8 operating system. In the case of Windows 10, we can make use of the Web Media Extensions application, which we obtain for free at the following link:


Software to play OGG file format on windows 10

The Web Media Extensions package has been developed to extend the use of Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 in order to support common open source formats on the web.

When we install this Media Extension package, it will be possible to natively reproduce the content delivered in the OGG container or encoded with the Vorbis or Theora codecs. When executing this application it is enough to drag or select the OGG files and enjoy their content.

Now, we may want to convert an OGG file into a much better known or compatible format nowadays, well for that we have the possibility of using some of the hundreds of converters, both online and local, for this task and the best thing is that it will be possible to convert OGG to MP3, WAV, MP4 in a simple way.

We see that these formats have been developed in order to allow better compression and with it better quality, of the files and it is not so complex to reproduce them in a natural way in Windows 10.

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