My phone gets hot and drains battery : possible reasons and solutions

Why is my phone gets hot and drains battery?

We are no longer in summer, but this does not mean that our smartphone cannot be heated when we use it daily. Although temperatures have dropped, there may be something that is causing problems in our smartphone and therefore overheating. Discover possible reasons and solutions of Android and iPhone getting hot and draining battery to fast.

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Having a hot smartphone in your hand is not very comfortable at the same time unsafe. All devices have an internal battery that we already know can cause bigger problems if something goes the way it should not. Today we leave you with more common reasons why our phone gets very hot and it can get annoying to pick it up.

What does it mean when your phone battery gets hot?

Over the years we have seen some devices have serious overheating problems. The own Nexus 5 had the odd case where it was overheated, but the most MediaTek case was that of the HTC One M9. This device was launched with the Snapdragon 810, a processor that was overheated and made making this device was something complicated.

Today we have no clear case, but it is true that metal devices are usually heated more than glass devices by the conductivity of heat.

It is normal for your phone to warm up a bit with complicated processes

phone becomes very hot

There are several degrees of overheating and you should not be alarmed because the phone is heated a few degrees above normal. It is always better to be at a room temperature, but if we notice some heat when we are playing or running a heavy application is completely normal. If the excessive heat does not stop when we close the application or the game we can start to worry.

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There are many reasons why your smartphone may be hotter than normal, but the most common are running heavy applications, having a case too thick, installing an unofficial ROM or have a charger in poor condition. That the battery is receiving power from a defective charger is very problematic, as well as very unsafe. If your charger is also overheated or has some part of the wire stripped you should change it for another.

my phone gets too hot

In the case of having an unofficial ROM, you may be reading in some forum with the solution to your problem. It is possible that the ROM is affecting some part of the code and that the processors do not work correctly. We recommend you try the official ROM or another one that you know does not have any kind of problem.

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Using a case can also be a valid reason for your smartphone to warm up. Although our phone does not have direct ventilation by a fan or cooling system, it does have air vents such as the 3.5 mm jack, the charging port and the loudspeaker. If these are covered by a case, we are contributing to the warmth of our device.

Do not use the mobile while charging and try to leave it in cool places

smartphone usage while charging

It may sound very cliched, but you have to be careful where we left our smartphone. If we usually leave it on a piece of furniture near the television, on top of the computer, under the bedside lamp or on appliances such as the microwave or the refrigerator it is quite normal for its temperature to increase, and much more if we leave it charging.

In addition, it is not advisable to be using the phone while we load it since in addition to delaying the load we generate much more temperature. And not to mention playing while the phone is charging, as this can put at risk the integrity of the phone and our own.

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