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Get introduce with the latest Facebook application update only for Children like YouTube Kids app.

The popular social continues to grow by leaps and bounds. But he wants more. Facebook has presented us a new version for children. We are talking about Messenger Kids, the version of its well-known application aimed at the little ones in the house. Learn about Facebook app for children features, availability, security and more features.

Currently, Facebook exceeds 2 billion users, becoming, by far, the most used social network. That’s why the company of Mark Zuckerberg is looking to the future and nothing better than a version of Facebook Messenger for children. It is a fact that the youngest users are the future and it is the market that the brand wants to attack.

Facebook messenger for kids


Messenger Kids will be the new Facebook application for children

The only requirement to use Facebook Messenger is to be at least 13 years old. Now thanks, Messenger Kids the youngest of the house will be able to use the new Facebook chat for children that the social network has created. This account is linked to a new account will be separated from the usual accounts of Facebook or Messenger.

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Say that the new application allows children to chat both text and videos with their family and friends. Since many young children do not have a mobile phone number to create a conventional Messenger account, parents can register their children using the child’s first and last names.

The idea is to use this version of Messenger for children on tablets or even the iPod Touch. Currently, this version of the Facebook messaging service for children is only available in the United States and for Apple devices, although it is expected that a few weeks will reach Android and Amazon devices.

Facebook for kids

David Marcus, head of Facebook Messenger, has been in charge of presenting the new Facebook service for children through a press conference held in San Francisco. “They want to use messaging services and use them but not in a controlled way,” said David Marcus at the conference. And reason does not lack.

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With this movement, Facebook creates a safe ecosystem so that the little ones can use a good messaging service without problems since the account needs parental permission and does not need to be associated with a phone and can be used on any device. The most common is to leave a tablet to your child so the idea is very good.

Security is one of the most important elements in an application of this type and Facebook has taken it into account. Therefore, it is the parents who will create the accounts of their children and they will be responsible for approving all the contacts with which the child will be able to speak.

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As expected, users can also be blocked. If this situation occurs, the account that has been linked to this service will receive a notification to approve the block. No, your children will not be able to block you from Messenger Kids but you can block contacts in this Facebook messaging service for children.

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