How to move chrome URL bar down in Android

We explain how to put down Chrome URL bar on Android mobile in a simple way.

Google Chrome is one of the most versatile and dynamic browsers we have today thanks to which we can carry out hundreds of tasks of support, management and search and which is available not only for desktops but for mobile devices. Also an info-graphic shows that Google Chrome is one of the most secure internet browser on 2017 besides other popular internet browser both for mobile and desktop user.

In this last segment, the biggest problem for some users is accessing the address bar, which by default is available at the top of Chrome. Google has naively find the way to move the address bar to the bottom of the screen, it is important to clarify that this functionality was available in the channels of Dev and Canary, today we have it available in the stable version of Google Chrome. That’s why MsnTechBlog today will teach you how to move Google Chrome URL bar down on Android with a few simple steps.

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Instruction to drop chrome URL bar down on Android phone :

URL bar or address bar usually placed at the top of mobile screen which may difficult to reach for larger screen smartphone. However you can simply drop down Chrome URL bar in few simple steps as mentioned below:

Note: For this example, we will use Android 6.0 but it works in the same way in higher versions.

Step 1

Open google chrome application on your Android smartphone and in the address bar we will type the following:


Click on “Go” to visit the link and immediately we can see that the following warning message:

Move Chrome URL bar down step1

This is due to the fact that within this route we find most of the browser settings and some poorly made change can affect its behavior.

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Step 2

Once we access there, we will click on the top menu, an icon with three vertical points and in the list, we select the option “Find in page“:

Move Chrome URL bar down step2

Step 3

In the box that will be displayed, we enter the following text:

Chrome Home

We can see that the respective option is highlighted and that its default value is “Default“:

Drop chrome url bar down step3

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Step 4

There we must click on the drop-down list and select the “Enabled” option both for “Chrome Home Android” and “Chrome Home Expand Button” :

Drop chrome url bar down step4

We can see that their status turn into “Enabled” from “Default”:

Drop chrome url bar down step5

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Step 5

Finally, to complete the action just restart the browser by clicking on the “Relaunch Now” button located at the bottom. You need to open and close chrome browser minimum two time and need to wait more than 5 minutes in order to activating this option. Once we access Google Chrome again we will see that the address bar will be at the bottom of the browser:

Drop chrome url bar down step6

As simple as that, we can modify the Google Chrome address bar on Android. Enjoy and browser internet using Google Browser differently. Although you may feel uncomfortable initially but surely you’ll love this option later.

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