How to make my Instagram account private

Make your Instagram account completely private.

You’ve opened an Instagram account and started to post your personal images using it. Suddenly you have noticed that you are posting photos any user can actually see. Are you feeling uncomfortable with it? Would you like to keep your privacy a bit more and also continue to use Instagram?

Do you want only the users you approve can see your photos on Instagram? Yes, you can do this by configuring settings on Instagram. Also It’s very easy to do, just go to the application settings and change your privacy preferences. At Msntechblog we tell you how to make your Instagram account private.

Instructions to make private your Instagram account:

Open Instagram app and go to user profile

The first step to privatize your Instagram account will obviously be to open the app on your smartphone. Then, you should go to your profile by clicking on the button in the lower right corner, on the icon in the form of a person.

Open instagram app and find Profile icon

Find options page on Instagram

Once you have your personal Instagram profile on the screen, you must click on the parameter setting button that you will find in the upper right of your profile:

  • Wheel-shaped icon for iPhone
  • Through the three vertical points in the case of Android Phone.

Find Instagram profile setting

Discover private setting in Instagram options page

Next, you will have to look for the account settings and you will see a ‘Private account‘ tab which by default will be disabled – in gray color – and therefore your Instagram account will be public and any users will be able to access your photos.

find instagram private setting to make your account private

Enable Instagram private settings

To change the privacy of your profile, you must move this button to the right and then press the tick or check on the top right to confirm that you want to make your Instagram account private. The Instagram app will ask if you are sure of your decision and want the photographs to be private. Confirm that ‘Yes, I am sure’ Got it! Your Instagram account is now private.

enable and confrim private mode in Instagram

If you ever want to undo this action and re-publish your photos, be sure to check our article on how to make your profile open on Instagram.

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