Latest Opera 51 vs Firefox Quantum Which browser is the fastest 2018?

This guides demonstrate the fastest browser of 2018 till now which requires less loading time. This is a comparison between Firefox Quantum vs Opera 51 which is now available for download in Windows, macOS, and Linux and its main claim uses its speed: 38% faster than Firefox Quantum Will Opera 51 win in the browser race?

It seems that the war of the navigators continues. And is that none gives up when it comes to offering better benefits to get to be “the chosen” among users.

A few hours ago we reported the news in MsnTechBlog that Google’s browser, Chrome, had incorporated a deferred load to increase its speed up to 35%. Here you have all the information about this:

Private mode: Firefox Quantum VS Google Chrome Which is faster?

But in this race, everyone wants to be the fastest and this time it’s the turn of Opera. You can now download the latest Opera, Opera 51. The new version has influenced the improvement of navigation; to the point that its creators say it is 38% faster than one of the most important browsers at this time: Firefox Quantum.

What new features does Opera 51 incorporate?


Opera 51 has incorporated a series of new features that undoubtedly improve everything we knew so far from this browser. Some of the most important are:

Opera 51 is still faster

Speed Test Opera 51 vs Firefox Quantum

The browser has been subjected to comparative tests such as a speedometer and the result of its comparison with the Firefox Quantum browser have been definitive: Opera 51 is 38% faster.

Private mode update

The private mode style has undergone an update in macOS making it match the Windows design.

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Fold-up lists of open and closed tabs

Fold up list of open and closed tab

If you are one of those who needs to open many tabs in the browser with Opera 51, you are in luck, since this version includes two collapsible lists where you can see the tabs you opened and closed recently. In addition, it also includes the option to keep tabs permanently fixed.

Safely restore browser settings

One click opera browser reset facility

In previous versions, this was a long process that you can now perform easily and quickly in one click. You will have it following the route:

  • MacOS preferences
  • Browser
  • Reset browser settings

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Allow all websites to use Adobe Flash without requesting it

To enable this option in Opera 51 you will have to follow the route:

  • MacOS preferences
  • Websites
  • Flash

Press tab to scroll up

Simple functionality, but at the same time very useful for many, especially those who use many windows and move from one place to another continuously. With just clicking on the tab, you will scroll automatically at the top of the web window. This speeds up navigation a lot.

Do you want to start using Opera 51 on Windows, Mac or Linux?

Download Icon

If your features were conquered and you cannot wait any longer, you can download Opera 51 on your computer from Windows, MacOS or Linux and check them out on the links offered by Opera on your Official Blog:


In your case, what is your preferred browser? Do you plan to change to Opera 51?

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