How to know if WhatsApp is down or is a problem in your network?

Is WhatsApp stopped working on your smartphone? Can’t you identify is it WhatsApp server problem or your smartphone network problem? This guide shows several methods to find out “is WhatsApp down right now or not”. 

Nowadays WhatsApp is having several issues with the server down. Though your mobile internet can also cause the same problem. You may not conclude which causes this problem. Surely more than once it has happened to you that a “clock” appears next to the message sent in WhatsApp and you do not know if it is a problem of your own network or if it is because WhatsApp is down.

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If it is WhatsApp server down issues, of course, you can find it with our guide. The connection failures in WhatsApp are constant but they are only serious and with some duration counted times.

How to know if WhatsApp is down right now or not?

WhatsApp officially declares whenever they face server down issue. You can also use several online tools to check whether WhatsApp server is down right now or not, which is not recommended. Let’s check now!

Method 1: If WhatsApp goes down they have to announce it by their means either through their website or through their official Twitter account. This account is created to be the official incident communication channel by which WhatsApp users can know if the service has been dropped or if it is, by discarding, an error of their 3G or Wi-Fi connection. It is the most reliable method since it is the company that directly carries the account.

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Method 2: Another faster and equally reliable option, since it comes directly from WhatsApp is to use the application itself, go to “Help” and check the WhatsApp service status:

In the event that everything is fine, a message will be sent that says “The WhatsApp service works normally.”

Note: Latest update of WhatsApp messaging apps doesn’t have this option. Thus you need to use other two methods instead.

Method 3: Another less advisable option would be to use third-party applications such as Down Detector. With this tool, you could see even if a certain location has presented massive problems. The graphics offered by this tool are simple and the use of this web application is free.

Do you know other methods to know if WhatsApp has been dropped or is it a problem in your network? Tell us!

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