Why my iPhone does not charge battery – Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot iPhone battery not charging problem to solve it.

At present, our mobile phone is a further extension of ourselves. Not to mention if it is an iPhone, it has everything we need and what we can imagine. Therefore, it is essential to always carry it well protected and loaded so that we are not in the situation of not being able to use it. We have all experienced it once and it is a bit distressing.

Instructions to find out the reason for not charging iPhone Battery
Do you know how to charge your iPhone?
Troubleshooting of not charging iPhone battery problem
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However, sometimes, no matter how careful we are the iPhone battery is not charged. If you ask yourself “why does not my iPhone charge the battery?“, Read on. In this article, we tell you what causes and how you can solve it.

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Instructions to find out the reason for not charging iPhone Battery:

The first thing is to know what you need to charge the battery of your iPhone. If this happens to you the first few times you use an iPhone, you may not yet know how to do it.

Do you know how to charge your iPhone?

To charge your iPhone you will need a USB cable and a USB power adapter that were provided with the device. If you have different ones, you should make sure they are certified by Apple.

You must connect the iPhone to the lightning 8 pin USB connector cable or the 30-pin dock connector. Then you must connect it to a USB power source. You can choose between:

  • A computer (that is not at rest and remembers not to use the USB for keyboard).
  • A wall outlet having USB option.
  • Another power accessory such as power bank or AC adapter (Apple recommends that you be certified by them).

If your iPhone is charging correctly, you will see a lightning bolt symbol next to the one on the battery in the status bar. If the lock screen is active, you will see a large battery icon.

how to charge your iPhone

Troubleshooting of not charging iPhone battery problem:

  1. If you already know how to charge your iPhone correctly but you can not load it, this can be due to several reasons. The first, if it does not charge or charge very slowly, is that the cable or USB adapter is damaged. You should check for any visible damage: broken wire, bent pins, etc.
  2. If everything is correct, it may be because the outlet is not correct. We recommend you test on another to see if the problem persists, as well as check that the outlet gives power to other devices.
  3. In case that in another outlet, that you know that works with other devices, also does not charge, we will see if both the elements of the charger and the own port of charge of the mobile are clean.
  4. In case they are not, we must clean them with care. Using a cool air dryer can be helpful. If we do blowing ourselves, without realizing it, we will be giving some moisture to the area that we intend to clean. In that case, the dust or particles housed will fix more to the cavity, rather than leaving. You can also use a small brush of soft bristles totally dry and clean.
  5. To prevent dirt from accumulating, you can get a few covers to keep them safe. In this way, we will avoid future problems.
  6. After checking all the above and discarding options would be interesting to have the opportunity to try the iPhone of a friend or relative with our cable and charger and in the same outlet. If we see that it does charge, it is more than evident that the problem is on our device: probably the port of charge is damaged.
  7. In this case, we will have to go to the technical service of Apple so that they take care of the phone and change the charging port on the iPhone. Once we recover it, it is important to apply all the good practices that we have discussed throughout the article, to prevent it from happening again.

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