Which iPhone apps will stop working with iOS 11?

Before updating your iPhone with iOS 11 check which apps are not supported.

iOS 11 is already official. Apple has released this afternoon the final version in the form of OTA update with iOS 11 for iPhones and iPads compatible. However, we could say that this version change brings fine print you have to know before making the installation process to update your iPhone to iOS 11. We refer to check what applications you use are usually compatible with 64-bit. Otherwise, you could run out of these.

iOS 11 app compatibility

Since the first beta of iOS 11 was announced, Apple has signaled its intention to impose 64-bit architecture on its software platform. One more step for the evolution of iOS, just as it would change the file system of the same. However, the move to 64 bits is a double-edged sword for those wishing to upgrade their iPhone with iOS 11 since applications must be equally compatible with the architecture.

Latest features of iOS 11.

Update your iPhone to iOS 11 may have a price – Warning!

We mentioned it during the iOS 11 test process. At the time, however, it was not such transcendental information. The fact that iOS 11 was in Beta form somewhat limited the user profile that could test it. Now that it is official and the new version iOS 11 is an official update, available to all users with an iPhone or iPad compatible, the situation is reversed.

Why older apps will not be supported in iOS 11?

As already mentioned, one of the peculiarities of iOS 11 is that Apple has compiled the new version of its software platform in 64 bits. iOS 11 will only support applications compatible with 64 bits, so all those that have not been updated and only have support for 32 bits, will be disabled.

How to update your iPhone to iOS 11?

This implies that the applications running on that version must be compatible with this architecture. Otherwise, they will no longer be available in the App Store and will not work once the iOS 11 computer is updated.

64-bit-of-iOS-11 causes compatibility problem

How do I check which applications will support iOS 11?

If you have not yet upgraded your iPhone to iOS 11, you have a chance to decide if it pays to do so. And is that if you are still in iOS 10.3, there is a method to check which apps installed on your iPhone are compatible or not at this time. You will discover a number of apps that appear on the list and how important they are to you; you will have the possibility to decide what you prefer.

How to detect 32-bit iPhone applications:

The trick that we can use to find out if we have installed and used some 32-bit application is to go to the section Settings>General>Information>Applications. In this section will be numbered the apps that have support for only 32 bits and will stop working with iOS 11, unless the developer of the same updated at the last minute.

Detect 32 bit iPhone Apps

Approximate how many apps will not support iOS 11?

According to some studies, about 190,000 applications for the 2.4 million App Store still lacked 64-bit support. During the last few months the updates have intensified, but with just a few weeks left for the release of iOS 11, it does not appear that this digit is going to decline significantly. So, with the above method, you can predict which applications for iPhone have high probabilities to stop working because they are not compatible with 64 bits.

Stop automatic playback of videos in iOS11 app store.

What are those applications? There is no official list with all these, however, you have the possibility to check which of those currently used on your iPhone or iPad under iOS 10 will not be compatible when you install iOS 11 if your iPhone supports the installation of the imminent Apple update.

Many iPhone apps will not support iOS11

Do iOS developers upgrade Apps for iOS 11?

While developers, warned by Apple during last June, a lot of them have taken note and have updated their applications to be compatible with iOS 11, many others have not. So, if you decide to update your iPhone with iOS 11 and you regularly use an app that has not been adapted to work on the 64-bit iOS, you will not be able to use it.

The conclusion is clear. If your most used applications have been updated, switching to iOS 11 will be practically no problem. If on the other hand, you resort to an application with an assiduity that has not been adopted, you will not be able to make use of it.

Without jailbreak download YouTube videos to iPhone or iPad.

Therefore, the price to pay depends in large part on the number of apps you have installed and have not been updated. We have to consider that from now on, before the obligation, so many developers will move on and adapt their works to the new exigencies of Apple.

However, there will be many others that, after abandoning the development of the applications, the user will find that he will not be able to reuse those apps.

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