How to install adobe flash player on android mobile phone and tablet

Are you still need to install adobe flash player on android device? We’ll explain how do you install adobe flash player for android mobile phone and tablet.

There are still many websites that continue to use flash to show their content. Although it is an outdated and obsolete technology, the fact is that thousands of users are still asking how they can install Adobe Flash Player on Android tablet and phone. Are you searching for Adobe Flash Player app on Google Play store and can’t find it. Let’s see all the possible ways to install it in your android device.

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Although Adobe does not have Flash Player in the Google Play catalog for a long time, the following steps can be followed to get this application installed on an Android tablet and mobile phone.

Steps to install Adobe Flash Player on Android tablet and phone :

The first step you must take is to download and install Adobe Flash Player. And you will be asking yourself from where. Well, Adobe has an official website in which it has been storing the different versions already archived in Flash Player section that you can consult throughout this Android tutorial.

Then, to install Flash Player manually follow the following guidelines:

Change android security permission to install unknown apk files | Step 1

You already know that Adobe Flash Player isn’t available in Play Store. Thus you need to download .apk file from external source which means you need to change your Android phone security settings to allow installing .apk files except from Google Play Store. To do this:

  1. Either you can navigate to Settings >> Advance Settings >> Privacy & Security >> Security >> Device Administrators >> Unknown Sources step by step or you can also alternatively type “Unknown Sources” on your android search bar to skip all the steps and go to final option.
  2. Then check that the toggle switch already turned on or off.
  3. If turned off, click on the button. A pop-up message will appear.
  4. Finally click on Ok to allow your android device to install apps from unknown sources.

steps to install flash player on android tablet phone

Download and install Adobe Flash Player on Android device | Step 2

Now open the browser and download one of the multiple versions of Adobe Flash Player that are archived. It is not enough anyone, we must find some compatible with our device (it should be noted that they are arranged chronologically so that the search is easier).

Download: Adobe Flash Player for free

Once download completes, open the notifications and install the file, which should be called: install_flash_player.apk

Simply install the .apk and follow the steps so that in a matter of seconds the application already works on our smartphone and can make use of it.

How to test Adobe Flash Player on Android?

As we discussed at the beginning of this article, web services increasingly used Flash Player, but now they opt for other alternatives. Even YouTube videos for many years no longer work with Flash Player. However, it can be a good option to visualize some specific content that you want to recover from the mobile device.

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There are also other possibilities with unofficial apps that have been released in an alternative way and that you can find with a simple search in the official repository of Google Play, but there is no other way available to get the official .apk installed in a different way to this one.

Here you can see a video – summary of the whole process:

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