Instagram will add “cinemagraph”: photos with moving areas in the Stories

Cinemagraph will be the new tool for Instagram Stories. A new photographic style comes to Instagram Stories, and we’ll tell you what cinemagraphs are and how to make them.

Instagram is innovating, of that, there is no doubt, and now the new exclusive launch for Instagram Stories has been leaked. An unexpected turn with a touch of originality. The cinemagraphs will soon arrive at Instagram Stories according to a tweet published by Matt Navarra.

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What are the Instagram cinemagraphs?

Instagram Cinemagraph Filter

Surely you’ve asked yourself what are the cinemagraphs that are going to add Instagram in brief? It is a photographic style in which photography and video are mixed.And … how is it possible to mix photography and video? Very easy. We just need:

  • Mobile.
  • Tripod.
  • The scene with little movement.
  • Instagram installed on our mobile.

Thanks to the new option that Instagram wants to implement in the Stories, we can automatically capture, and without editing the video, a perfect cinemagraph.

This means that in an almost static video image, there will be one or two elements in motion. For example, imagine a green meadow and a couple of flowers moved by the wind, that would be a cinemagraph . An image in the static video, but with slight movements of few elements.

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Thanks to a tool as simple as Instagram, we can create visual elements quickly and easily. This new implementation will allow us to offer original content to our followers and only using our mobile.

The cinemagraphs will arrive shortly, and without a doubt will be received with open arms. It was time for Instagram to implement something truly original, and it seems that it is on the way to achieving it. Our mobile will be the perfect tool to never stop creating.

What do you think about cinemagraph? Do you think any mobile will be able to support this tool?

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